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In our image library where you will be able to download hundreds of FREE logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers. You will also have access to dozens of video tutorials that will cover every aspect of building and publishing a FANTASTIC website!

With BlueVoda you can create everything from a simple homepage to a beautiful multi-page website. If you ever get stuck or need any help our support team is just a mouse click away. Have Fun!

BlueVoda is a fully functional website builder and is 100% Completely Clean. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it. With BlueVoda you will be able build a fantastic website just like this one. A VodaHost web hosting account is required in order for you to publish.

The Overall Feature of BlueVoda as a Website maker

Having a web presence is essential for any company to succeed in our competitive times. However, for an entrepreneur like me it was difficult to hire a professional to create website, because I also had a tight budget. I was constraint on a budget, but did not want to settle down on a basic website; I wanted a professional website for my bike modification business. With limited capital and resources, I found the website maker from BlueVoda a great help to create website. I was able to download it free of cost. I was able to add contents and create website for free. The download package is light and is 4.3 megabytes in size, and this provided me the scope for an easy download. It is a dependable website maker to create website for even a technically layman like me.

Economical option in hand

Cost factor is one of the many advantages of this platform and it provided me a kind of added benefits in the startup. There is just no need to understand complete HTML language to create website using this platform. You can use website maker to create sites that will look just like a seasoned developer. However, while in the process a little knowledge about terms like Navigation Bar, Flash, ActiveX controls and Image Map helped me to better use these features. It kind of added to my website maker experience and with an easy user interface creating the interface became fun and interesting for me.

User friendly interface

Another important aspect that appealed me was the drag and drop option. The contents can be placed in customized templates, and it is easy to add pages, pictures and graphics. One of the features of website maker is that it comes up with animation tool and flash. All these features made it easy for me to create website. The user friendly interface assures that we can create website within no time and I was able to upload all the contents in seconds with the website maker. It acts as a great platform when you create website for the first time.

Features and advantage

One of the important things that I wanted was a good template. A nice and engaging template is important for a business like me. When I visited BlueVoda website maker portal to acquire some amazing designs I was able to find a number of options to create a customized setting. There are extra tools that allow you to create website and elaborate many functions. I was able to add banners and customized rollovers. It is great for a business like me to use a lot of images and describe about my specialty. With the ad banner rotators and picture gallery, the website maker comes as a handy tool for adding customized features. There are a lot of features that can be added and removed when you create website. It helps to build a strong interface.

Complete support process

The support system is another highlight of this platform. I got great tips and help from the video tutorials. A twenty-four-hour helpline is also there for the users. They address any issue and provide the right solution. Overall the interface is very easy and a person whether he is technically sound or no can use this website maker with great ease.  You do not have to invest money and wait for a developer to come up with your idea, as with this you can give shape to your ideas. With the website maker, you can look at a fast process and your site is ready to show in front of the world. The interface allows you to create website that looks professional.

For better security

There is an added feature known as Blue FTP, and this I got to know from the helpline. It uses BlueVoda server to enable File Transfer Protocol. It adds to the safety of your portal. While you create website, with its help you can look forward to an integrated interface. Another feature of website maker that came in handy for me is the powerful editor that it has. You do not have to go deep into the contents when you create website. The stable interface of website maker did most of the magic for me. You get premium support and installation for free and can choose affordable themes, and therefore website maker brings down the cost to a great extent.

Customization of templates

The template zone of the platform is filled with hundreds of customized layouts. I found the website maker templates attractive enough to provide an edge from my completion. The best part is that you can add content as per your conception while you create website. You can modify the templates of the website maker with ease and add specifications that are unique to your organization. For my business, graphics and video was very important while I create website, and the interface provides the right multimedia support. With the help of these tools, I was able to set a great platform for my business and I would surely recommend it for people who do not want to compromise on professional quality.


Build Your Site and Be Everywhere

If you are going to need a simple one page website or a multi-page responsive website, the website maker by BlueVoda is the tool to have. But, how can I say this confidently? Well, I am an active user of this website maker who is quite happy with the results that it has given me. Now, I work as a professional photographer and I’m keen on areas like wildlife and nature photography. I love my job and I want to work with reputed companies to make it big in this industry. And with this hope I decided to create website which would work as a portfolio site and help people realize the potential that I hold. And I can definitely say that the website maker of BlueVoda is all that I ever wanted.

What Makes the Website maker of BlueVoda So Different?

There are many things that make the website maker offered by BlueVoda different from other. I have been searching for a user friendly website makers from about one week. And during this search I’ve come across a few to create website which would function as my portfolio website. But the major criterion that I had was the website maker should be used even by those who do not have any experience or knowledge about coding and programming. And the responsiveness of BlueVoda has surely impressed me.

The important features that I really liked about BlueVoda to create website were many designs and templates where the user can choose from its endless list of templates that best suits the site through the website maker. The flexibility of the features is even quite good to create website. It even has an option where user can create website and get their website online with the help of VodaHost, the company which has published this website maker.  Along with that, I even grabbed the opportunity to create website many pages as I wanted for my website to showcase every master photograph that I had with me.

It’s been a month that I am using BlueVoda and there is nothing to complain about so far. With every step that I accomplish, I realize that the decision to create website was the best thing that I had taken for my career. And yes, the website maker has even allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to be with the website, as everything that I wanted for to create website was right there in its control opportunity which seriously helped me in creating an awesome photography portfolio site.

Moreover, there are many free video tutorials that are part of this website maker and can be used to create website. I have gone across a few of them and it definitely helps in creating a marvelous website without going into the depth of website building. Therefore, it can be rightfully said that BlueVoda allows you to become the webmaster of your site even when you don’t have too much knowledge about it.

The customer support of the company is equally good! While create website through the website maker I realized that BlueVoda has a small in-built button which can be used for contacting its support center. I really liked it and was happy that a professional was by my side when I was working to create website.  The editing features of the website maker are useful too, for instance if you have created something on your website that you do not need anymore then you can just edit that with the help of user friendly features.

Overall, there are many amazing things about BlueVoda which has allowed me to create website and have my very own portfolio website online. After I was done with the making of the website then I just launched it online with the click of a button. When I saw the final website, I could not believe my eyes, it was next to perfect and I was proud that I could create website all by myself without the help from any sort of experts. This website has given me some amazing opportunities and all of this is thanks to BlueVoda, if I would have never explored this tool then my website would have never been online, so I give the entire credit to its website maker to create website.

So learn, build, and publish your one of a kind website with the excellent website maker of BlueVoda. The idea to create website has turned my dreams into reality, and now it’s your turn! Enjoy its free services and I guarantee that you will never be disappointed.


A Helpful Website Maker for Beginners

When I started my new business, the first thing which came into my mind was how to get a good and attractive website for my company. I was really very skeptical about my knowledge to take a proper decision in choosing the right service provider for my company. I was pretty clear with my understanding that without a good website I will not be able to do well with my business and in the context of the modern days business environment I feel my understanding was absolutely right. It was a really tough situation for me as neither could I scrap the idea of creating a website, nor could I arrange so much fund which was required at that time to build a website for me. I got the quotation from quite a few website designing companies and then I found this website maker called BlueVoda. The approach of BlueVoda just changed my impression as well as idea of how to create website. With their services I got some kind of self-dependency. Now I understand that creating a website is just the matter of minutes you can say. Thanks to my friend who recommended this website maker to me. I really saved a lot of money by choosing their services. This website maker is economical, convenient and most importantly, helpful for the beginners as well. Today when I look at my website and the kind of benefits I have reaped from my website, I really feel proud of my decision of selecting BlueVoda.

I really thank the team of BlueVoda who had made it possible for a layman like me to create an unbelievably attractive website. The person who did not even know how to choose the right service provider to create website, he created a website of his own; that is absolutely remarkable. After going through their online tutorial I really found that in order to create website you need not know rocket science. BlueVoda website maker is just amazing with their technical support as well. When I emailed them about one of my queries, I got surprised to find the reply in my Inbox in no time. Besides, I have also loved their online forum.

Personally I trust that BlueVoda is the most advanced website maker in the industry who guides you conveniently in order to create website. This website maker helps you to create website within minutes. When I started to create website, I did not even know the functions of plug-in, flash etc. but after selecting this website maker I have not only understood the functions of these concepts but also have successfully used them to create website. The service of BlueVoda which we get for free is definitely superior which you cannot get even from the paid website maker services.

In terms of website hosting also they charge you with the lowest price. I am really impressed with their uninterrupted economical services. I really feel privileged to be in association with BlueVoda website maker for the last 5 years. The level of benefits I have got to create website and in terms of hosting the same from them is just unbelievable. Apart from the help you get from them to create website, you would also get assistances from BlueVoda website maker in order to optimize your search engine ranking. That is also free of cost. So, I not only recommend the services of BlueVoda website maker to the new company owners like me but also suggest the new entrepreneurs who intend to create website for starting an ecommerce site to avail this service.

If you are a person who wants to make a career in the website building sector then also the service of BlueVoda website maker will be the best choice for you. They let you know the convenient tricks to create website. With their services you will always feel privileged and obviously with lots of technical support.

To sum up this review I would like to highlight some of the striking features of BlueVoda website maker in the below mentioned section:

– With the services of BlueVoda website maker you need not have theoretical knowledge of HTML web designing to create website.
– You will be able to create unlimited types of web pages with their pre-designed web templates.
– People create website to go live on internet and this can be achieved in seconds through their publishing feature with one click only.
– They do not create any restriction on the number of websites you want to create. You may create website unlimited number of times.
– BlueVoda website maker helps you to create website as per your preferences and dream.


Feel More Confident Creating Your Website

BlueVoda is indeed the world’s best website maker.  I am someone who likes to put my ideas and thoughts across to people. So what can be a better way than to create website using a website maker and reaching a huge spectrum of readers. I always wanted to create website of my own but had no idea how to create website. The more I thought about it, the more I became restless and all this was not helping my cause. I became confused. They say that you can get all the answers to your problems on the Internet. But in my case, the Internet seemed to have aggravated my problems. I searched for an automated website maker and a long list of flashed before my eyes. I got more confused. Plus some of them wanted me to first learn html and other had a hefty fee attached to them. I even started thinking that maybe I am not made to create website.

Then I learnt about BlueVoda the website maker and this has helped me a great deal to learn how to create website of my taste. Even the thought of website creation used to freak me out initially but now that I know how to create website with the help of BlueVoda, I feel elated and more confident. It makes me feel great that I will now be able to reach the people I want to with just a simple click.

A co-worker recommended about BlueVoda stating this website maker is an easy and fully loaded to create website. A super plus is that it was free of cost, they also teach how to create website in detail tutorials. The video tutorials which are provided are so easy to watch and learn that even a true beginner can learn very easy. I downloaded BV and went straight to create website. You can honestly create a website with this website maker and publish in 30 minutes. Once you have picked up the basics of website creation, it’s very simple and easy to use this website maker. I did not even have to take any html classes with BV as you do with other website makers. For website creation is to select drag and drop and the icons! The tutorials are set up to give you every detail of building and publishing a super website and learning about website creation has never been easier.

What more with BlueVoda I was able to create website with not one or two but multiple pages. My website looked really grand at the end of it all. To create website is not a worrying thing now but a joy ride where you can play with your imagination and creativity. You can do whatever you like with this website maker by your side. There are so many designs and colors that it becomes difficult to choose. The website maker also enables you to insert music or video in your website. Great isn’t it!

When I was ready to create website, the BlueVoda customer care was there to assist me 24/7. They cleared all my doubts and answered all my questions in the most polite manner. I had no problem at all. I had to order a web hosting account to bring my website live on the internet and after that it was just amazing.

Apart from teaching about website creation which too, is taught in a step by step process, the website maker also provides some amazing tutorials. This website maker has pre-created templates and much more which one can download for free like logos etc.  So I have learnt how to create website the simpler way. Designing websites and website creation has been made so simple thanks to this website maker.  You can create website in matter of no time and be very pleased with your creation.

After having designed websites of my own, I now feel satisfied for I am able to interact with endless number of people. It seems like my aim in life has been achieved by getting into website creation with this website maker. You can not only make a single page website but also create website of multiple pages. I totally love BlueVoda and I would advise everyone to try it out for sure because once you use it, you won’t let go off this website maker.


An Amazing Website Maker That is a Hidden Gem

Hi friends! This is Ted and I am here to make you familiar with my success story. My success partner is none other than BlueVoda website maker. This statement comes as no surprise for those who are well-aware of BlueVoda’s functioning and its success ratio. Create website is a difficult task for those who don’t even have basic technical skills. But I am a professional website maker. I have great knowledge and massive experience and in the recent past, created some of the most functional and qualitative websites. But a year back my situation was not the same.

A year ago I started up my venture of website building and expected huge success. As everyone in today’s professional world wants to create website for a stronger cyber engagement with audiences, I thought my business would get flourished soon. But this did not happen. Surprisingly, we incurred heavy losses and the accumulated loss was growing year by year. My fellow company mates dissolved the partnership owing to poor development and financial ruin and one day we decided to close the shutters down.

Fortunately, my college friend Dennis visited me one fine Friday morning. I remember the day as it gave me a new career breakthrough. Dennis saw all the software we were using to create websites. After a while, he surprised me of shortcomings in the workflow. He carefully analyzed the working of various website makers and told me that they were not embedded with rich features and not up to mark for usage. He advised BlueVoda website maker. I was not aware of this website developer before and showed my hesitation in using it. Dennis insisted on using this website maker and I agreed.

When I visited the BlueVoda official website for downloading it, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the downloading numbers. One thing was clear that BlueVoda was a hidden gem which remained unexplored by me. I realized that BlueVoda website maker is what I needed to ramp up my business.

While working on this website maker, I never faced any glitches or snags. With brilliant features and groundbreaking results, BlueVoda website developer evokes admiration at every stage to create website. I found myself glued to the screen for hours due to simple working and scalable features of BlueVoda. It is the most renowned and well-established website maker to create website. This is the best website maker for beginners because despite being easy, it renders highly manageable and interactive output to customers across the globe.

A large numbers of website makers are available but Dennis suggested BlueVoda because he knew nothing can beat the quality and authenticity of products created by it. The tutorials describe the nitty-gritty about how to create website. Professionals having excessive knowledge about create website provide step by step information to the learners and make it easier for them to create website.

For using this one of its kind website maker, you are not required to have HTML web design knowledge. When I started using BlueVoda, I could myself analyze the huge and conspicuous difference between websites I created now and sites I was developing earlier. This website maker allows you to choose templates, headers and bands to create website from its power-packed library.

BlueVoda has ‘VodaHost web hosting’ which facilitates launch and publishing of website on internet. Create website now and make it live the next day is BlueVoda’s aim. This website maker is catering to the needs and demands of millions for improving their online market presence. Beat your rivals and be a frontrunner after create website with BlueVoda.

BlueVoda services to create websites are absolutely free. This reason is enough to bring a glorious smile on your face. Well, I was extremely happy when I came to know about this.
After changing my work method, I could see the positive impacts on my business. I acquired more customers, they appreciated my work and soon I was the most searched, most preferred website maker in my community. I have become the most enigmatic figure in the business circle and credit goes out to BlueVoda. Without this website maker, I would not have create websites like I am doing today.


Create a Website With Experienced Web Design Company

I am a caricature artist and gained a lot of appreciation and goodwill for my work. I have been revelling in my chosen profession and people’s good wishes inspire me to do a good job. My work was selling at a steady pace but nothing great was going on. I was unable to sell my work at a price that was expected by me. This was highly de-motivating for me. I started losing my confidence. I was unable to comprehend what was going wrong and whether I came into a wrong line. One of my loyal customers understood my predicament and suggested that I should go for website creation. If I have my own website, my patrons and new customers with an eye for artistic work can easily contact me. I started researching about website companies and I came across the name of BlueVoda, a famous website maker. I approached them and found out a lot about their company and how they can help me in my profession to create website.

A high end website maker, BlueVoda helps to create website in a simple and highly convenient manner. One need not take any hassle when it comes to create website with this website maker. Economic downturn had the world succumbing to its negative impacts and the businesses all over the world were taking a huge hit. The number of patrons was also dwindling due to rising costs and bad economic conditions. Contacting interested customers residing in different parts of the world was very difficult. Thus, I decided to use a website maker preferably BlueVoda to create website. I understood that worse situations can also be taken advantage of by using a professional website maker services so as to help me create website. Once the significance of exposure and web presence was understood, I decided to hire a website maker and create website where I could display my work. My friends who are in the technology sectors ensured me that now I will never have to suffer the after effects of bad economic conditions or budget cut backs as with the help of a website, I would be able to come in contact with a growing number of forthcoming buyers who have an eye for artistic things.

I downloaded BlueVoda, the website maker after making a decision to set up my online gallery by create website. Though, I was not very much knowledgeable about how to create website, I decided to go with the world and study this website maker. Although, it was a little difficult to understand website development hence challenging, I decided to venture ahead in the virtual world with assistance from a website maker and started to create website. I was also nervous about how much money I may have to invest in order to create website, but I was assured by the website maker that this task could be done at cost effective web hosting rates. I was assured that I would be able to come in contact with several potential customers as websites are a part of the virtual world.

This website maker offers a trouble-free way to create website. The BlueVoda website maker helped me a lot and instructed me in detail about my website and how I can reap benefits from the same. There are video tutorials to create website that help people like me to handle my website. I decided to read several tutorial pages. I also watched video tutorials which helped me greatly in understanding the process. Whenever I had any query, I put forward the same to the BlueVoda website maker  people and received immediate self explanatory replies for the same. This help went a long way when treading ahead on this path which was relatively unknown for me. As I embarked on the task to create website, I used the services of BlueVoda that has gained a lot of credibility as website maker.
I started learning to manage my website slowly and gradually while I create website. With the help of a professional looking website, there was no need for me to get training for learning HTML language, file transfers, web hosting, web domains and more. This proved to be a great help for me as I was not at all tech savvy as it was out of my domain completely.

In astounding pre designed manner, web templates are available and as per requirements and choice, these templates can be easily and conveniently customized. There are so many images, menu buttons, logos, and more helping to create website with no hassle and trouble at all. Inclusive website solutions offered by website maker are so easy to understand that they are a great help for even a new webmaster.


How a Website Maker Can Save You Money

I am a housewife with 3 kids and a traveling husband. With a family on board, looking for a full time job was getting difficult for me. I was in a wonder if I could do something at home that could fetch me some handsome money. My husband had always appreciated my handicrafts for the sheer creativity and skill involved in it. I started to live my passion and slowly converted it as a good household business. Pretty soon I realized there was a great demand for the handicrafts I made and for this reason I wanted to bring it further and beyond my home. With the help of my friends, I got in touch with BlueVoda website maker. This website maker was of great help for a person like me who had to rely on so many professionals to create website. It was in a jiffy that an introductory webpage was built for my business. It comes with a great collection of designs, templates, and background themes. With just a little bit of creativity a great number of websites may be created without requiring lots of time, money or knowledge to create website. And the best part was that this website maker software is absolutely free to download.

To create website of your dreams you can completely rely on the predesigned logos and themes that this website maker manifests. A library full of clip arts and logos which are ready to use just by the click of a mouse is a miracle indeed. Designing a logo is so easy to create and maintain with this website maker. A personalized logo gives the uniqueness to your website. Not to forget the templates were of great help in setting a decent image for the web page when create website. This website maker helped me with so many templates that I didn’t have to search anywhere else to create website. Lastly, there are wide options of themes and backgrounds on which you may place your content. All these features are within this website maker which is perfect and I highly recommend to anyone that is planning to create website. The intriguing and intricate tools, ideas and support gives you great confidence to create website. It doesn’t stop there, you can go on and on with designing the website or individual web pages endlessly to support your business.

Moreover their customer support team is of great help. With the stepwise guidance in the tutorials and handy assistance of their customer care, this website maker changed the vision of my website to a great altar. I could without any doubt, create website solely based on my ideas, even though I was computer illiterate. For the new inexperienced user like me, this website maker helped me create a wonderful website and with just a click I published my site and there it was, my business went live! I was astonished at the speed and potential of this website maker. They also provided flawless connectivity and technical support even after the launch of the website. For me this website maker was an all round performer when create website.

As the days passed by I became well versed with the great potential to create website without any hassle. Their hosting plans are amazing and it the only service you pay for in order to publish your website and to get it on the internet. What an experience I had when I started receiving excessive orders and could not manage. This website maker helped me to create website with shopping carts, online accounts and keep my customer details handy. With BlueVoda I was able to create website that has been serving as a foundation for better communication. My network has grown at great folds and it is reassuring me to be growing more and more. I strongly suggest anyone with creative hobbies to enlarge their horizons by creating a website using the BlueVoda website maker. My acquaintances and agape of the beauty of my website created by the website maker have resorted to use it to create website for themselves.

Ultimately what makes me immensely happy is the look of my website. It is rich, stylish, sophisticated, professional yet beautiful. The website maker has realized my dream to expand my business by create website. Furthermore, it gives enormous bliss to have create website myself with little professional help, thanks to BlueVoda.


The first step to start your online business

Once I was reading an article about how millions of people have started their online business and attained financial freedom. After all, who likes working nine to five under a boss! However, while most dream of attaining financial freedom, only a handful really put their thoughts into action. I wanted to be among the latter. My life was not that great. I had a decent job, but by the end of the month I had nothing left. Most of my money would go towards the rent, taxes and other basic expenses. It was only every couple of months that I would be able to take my wife for a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. My dream was to go on a vacation to Europe. However, I never could save enough money for anything. I tried making some extra money part-time during the weekends that did not do much good. That is why I wanted to try the online business approach. I had read that an online business model does not require much capital. Besides, one can start an online business without having a ‘real’ office. I had many ideas in my mind as which online business to start. My friends always said I made a good advice giver. Reflecting on this, I decided to create website to start an online business where I could advise people on their financial doubts. I was all set to become a financial consultant. I had a degree in finance, and more than 10 year experience in the financial domain. I decided to give this idea a serious thought. I wrote down on paper all the things I would need to run this business. It all boiled down to one basic thing- create website.

This way I started my search for a website maker who can help me create website. I found that people charged a bomb to create website, and the worst part was that I was not willing to spend big money trying to create website. This led my search in another direction. I started looking for an automated website maker programs on how to create website. A search on Google flashed across several website maker programs to create website. I was confused as which website maker program was the best to create website. My decision was based on aspects such as cost of the website maker program, its ease of use, support, and overall popularity ranking. I would say that I found some really nice website maker programs to create website. However, none of them could address all the aspects that I laid down earlier. Some were not expensive, but required adequate technical knowledge to operate. Others were easy to use, but were quite expensive. I decided not to give up and started searching for other website maker programs to create website.

One day, as I was browsing the internet I came across a website maker called BlueVoda. I visited the website of this website maker, and read everything they had to say. There was a video that talked about how to create website using the BlueVoda website maker. Additionally, I searched for reviews of this website maker on the Internet, and tried to find out whether this website maker could really help create website without any hassle. I found quite a large number of reviews about this software. Many of the reviews raved about the ease of use and other features. I decided to give it a try.

I was so excited to download the BlueVoda website maker. My first attempt at using this software to create website turned out to be a great experience. What I found cool was that the website maker was quite easy not only to create website but to design it too. The user interface was really simple, and I did not have to stress my eyes or mind to find out features of this website maker. Even though I had no knowledge of HTML to create website it allowed me to build my website without any stress it was more fun than anything. The drag and drop functionality was really simple and very useful. The image library they offer had innumerable designs and templates. This website maker did not waste my time with ads and popups. I could create unlimited web pages using the BlueVoda website maker.  In short, this software helped me establish my own website in just a few hours.