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A Life Changing Experience with a Website Maker

I needed a website quickly. I was ready to launch my new book and was told I had to create website pages to promote it. This involved creating multiple website pages because I had various formats. After talking to a few different web design companies, it would have cost me a small fortune because of the work involved as well as the rush that I needed on the website.

A fellow author introduced me to BlueVoda, a website maker that was a lot easier to use than I would have initially thought. The problem that I’d had with website makers in the past was that they required HTML knowledge to create website pages and I had none. I found that BlueVoda website maker didn’t require me to use HTML – and it was very easy to create website.

Once I installed the website maker, I was able to get started right away. The program walked me through everything I needed to do in order to create website pages that looked amazing.  There were templates and this is what made the website maker so impressive. I didn’t have to create website pages from scratch. Templates were in place to provide me with a great looking background that had a lot of holders that I needed.

I was able to personalize the templates with my own content in a matter of minutes. I already knew what I wanted the web pages to say, so I simply cut and pasted the content in from my Word document. I then went on to create website pages for each format that I had. BlueVoda website maker provided me with insight on SEO strategies, too, making it possible for people to find my book with ease.

Within 30 minutes, I had the website all ready to go because of being able to create website pages easily. The website maker was simple to use. I created website pages that I needed and I could publish to the web with the click of a single button. As soon as I refreshed, I was online with a great looking website.

My publisher was more than pleased that I had launched a website in under an hour. They were able to provide my website to help promote my book and from there, the rest was easy. I maintained the website on my own, which saved a fortune. Those who don’t use a website maker have to pay a web designer when they need to create website pages. I could go in and create my own – or edit what I had on one of the pages.

Since I published my book, I have experienced higher sales than many others in my genre – and I attribute it to the website I have. While others are spending the money on a website designer instead of a website maker to, I spend a few minutes to create website pages and get them published. I save money and have all the information I need on a website.

After using this website maker, I couldn’t imagine using another one to create website. The BlueVoda website maker is easy to use and I can create website page after page without spending any added money. I can also create more websites using the same builder. This makes it easy for me to market in a cost effective manner without spending a small fortune in web design.

I have been able to connect to other authors and a number of readers because of the website. I have had fans ask me about the website and how I am able to connect with them so quickly. I tell them about the website maker and many ask for help to create website fan pages. BlueVoda has literally changed the way I market because of making a website maker that I can use, even when I don’t have a lot of time.

There are not too many website makers out there that don’t require HTML. There’s none like BlueVoda when it comes to templates because I was able to find one easily without feeling like I was sacrificing quality in any way. I could create website pages that looked similar to the other pages, allowing me to create a theme that flowed from page to page.

As a result of having a great website with a website maker that allows me to edit, I can sell my books through my website and connect with readers. More importantly, I can edit and create website pages for new books, new events, and various other things within minutes so I can have them online and ready for people to view.

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