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Never ever had I thought, I could create website with a website maker that would give me the flexibility to create almost anything and everything. I am a Clinical Nutrition manager in a well-known hospital in St. Louis, managing the nutrition care services for a high profile, acute care services.  With more than ten tears of having served people as a dietician and a wellness expert, I felt the need to spread nutrition awareness amongst the people. I resorted to social networking sites and had even started blogging. But, these platforms came with their own set of limitations. They undoubtedly gave me the medium to connect with the people but could not provide me my own unrestricted space that I needed to bond with those on lookout for a healthy living.

Being amid patients and clients all through my career as a dietician, I realized that there are many nutrition myths that people blindly follow. I needed a platform to connect with the people. I was keen on sharing all nutrition and wellness knowledge that I had learnt during my stint as a nutrition expert. But, for that I needed a personal website where I could possibly link with all those who were interested in keeping themselves fit and healthy.

It was then that I thought to create website, an independent podium where I could blog, share tips, and interact with the patients and other people. This idea would not have materialized without the incredible BlueVoda website maker. The most fascinating thing about it was that it had all the tools that one needed to create website. Everything is available at one place.  All you have to do is create website as per your taste and requirement with this wonderful website maker, using the desired tools. BlueVoda website maker offered me amazing choices of designer templates which enabled me to create website that reflected my personality and suited my profession. However, for those of you who do not prefer to create website with the available designer templates, this outstanding website maker offers you the flexibility to create website with a customized look and feel. You can build your own template for your desired website and add the customized images and plug-in options.

The most admiring part of this website maker was that the capabilities and features that you get to create website for your profession or business is in no way lesser that what is available in the market today. You can create website which is as competitive and professional as any popular website available on the Internet today.

With BlueVoda website maker, I could create website with different templates on each page!  Even to the custom templates that were available for me to create website, I added few more shapes and boxes to meet my business requirement and even saved the page as a template so that I could reuse it later.  It is very rare for a free website maker to offer features as competitive as these to design a website. I simply enjoyed the entire process and would want to create website again with this amazing website maker.

The tutorial offered by BlueVoda to create website is very simple and easy to understand. It demonstrates how you can create website through Shapes icon which is available at the top tool bar of the website maker. I opened the Shapes property bar by double clicking on the default shapes that appeared on my page in the website maker while creating a professional website for myself. There was several shapes option for me to choose from. I selected the shape that suited the website design, I had in my mind. I could also customize the roundness factor of the shape that I had selected as per my template design. This website maker even enabled me to add effects to the shapes I had selected. It provided me with a list from where I could select the one I like.

I am mesmerized with the vast features that this do-it-yourself website maker offered to me at the time of website creation. This is one of the must try free website maker, which I would recommend to all those of you planning to create website for your business or to share your knowledge and thoughts with the people across the world.

Today, thanks to BlueVoda website maker, I have a good-looking  professional website where I have multiple visitors each day, who like my tips, posts and articles and I also get few good words for the most wonderful and user-friendly website that I have created.

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