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When researching how to create a website, there are many questions people ask, such as “Where do I begin”, “How much does it cost”, “Which is the best website builder to use” and many more.  These days those questions are not difficult to answer as you can create a website within thirty minutes and for free. I really feel so proud when people always ask who created my website and I answer very proudly ‘I did”.

Not very long ago I could not answer a very simple question; how to make a website for my business? I tried many website builder sites but they remained incapable of filling my desire of having my own website built by my own hands. They reminded me many times that they can’t answer this question because I am not an Internet architect. The problem with me was that I could not spend a lot of money to create a website due to recession.

One day my friend Ann came to see me. That was the day when I was arguing with my web developer over some mistakes done by him in my web design. As I was fed-up, she referred me a very innovative and interactive website builder named ‘’BlueVoda”. However, I call it my personal website builder.

At first I thought of it as a common website builder. I wonder if BlueVoda could answer how to build a website? And fulfill my desire. Ann assured me that with the help of BlueVoda website builder I can create a website within thirty minutes even if I don’t have any kind of web development knowledge as it is so easy to use and the provide you with full range of video tutorials.

I had no idea that I can get so much with no money. I had the ability to create a website so beautiful in less than 30 minutes. The competitions with huge companies are nothing for me now. The best thing about the software is that there is no need to learn programming. With just a few clicks and drag and drops, I can create a website of my dreams. The website is also able to be uploaded directly with the software. This website builder is a true wizard!

It is safe to use, easy to use, and it is definitely so easy that a child can create a website with the help of BlueVoda website builder. In these difficult times of recession I have brought a new and interactive feature to my business. Having online gift store is a dream come true for me and this would have never be possible without the help of BlueVoda website builder.

On her strong recommendation I downloaded it and started to create a website.  At first I found out the interface was user- friendly. It took me only a minute or two to understand the working abilities of this website builder. In the end, it really looks like I have hired a professional developer to create a website. I am in control of my own work now.

I did not have any HTML knowledge because I was never trained in computer techniques.  The HTML coding is not very easy to understand as they are difficult to comprehend if you are not trained in this field. I found out a fact that BlueVoda website builder does not require any HTML knowledge. It is very easy to use and any one can create a website.

The best part is I found out with this website builder that it doesn’t require any money to download. It is safe and very easy to use. The features of the software are complete. I started creating my website on this software and it helped me right from the start to the end of the process and having it live with their web hosting service.

Now the question how to build a website has been answered in a very efficient and comprehensive manner. Now anyone can have and create a website with ease. No unnecessary and difficult coding in necessary from having unlimited number of websites.

Another user friendly feature BlueVoda provides to its users is that they can have graphics instantaneously. They can also edit and resize graphics without any hassles, and makes exactly what I have in my mind. You can have your logo and outlay done instantaneously as I did. So now neither I have to hire an expert to design and create a website, nor do I pay them for it. I just use this software to add all the required functionalities I want in my website.

BlueVoda website builder not only saved me money and time but it provided me with an opportunity to harness my creativity. Now I can create as many websites and publish them with just clicks. For those who ask question where to start to create a website?  It is simple just go to and you can create a website with the help this amazing website builder. I can definitely recommend to anyone BlueVoda website builder to create a website from start to finish.

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