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I am a freelance web content writer. Over the past years I have managed to establish a fairly successful career by undertaking writing assignments from online clients. I am also a student studying for my Master’s degree in Law and the extra cash I earn through my writing comes in very handy. At the beginning it was very difficult for me to attract new clients as I had no way of promoting my abilities and talents as a writer towards my target customer base. With my academic background in law together with my writing competency I knew that I could cater to a specific and considerably large cliental base looking for exactly my kind of writers to commission various writing jobs like petitions, records and other legal documentations. I knew I had to create website with good clarity and clearly communicating my offers to the target viewers. It was not an easy task to create website since I had no idea how or where to start. Having read some of the glowing reviews on BlueVoda website maker I decided to try my hands on it, since it is a free website maker tool and I had nothing to lose and try to create website. I am one of the lucky ones to have chosen BlueVoda website maker from the very start to create website. I know there are many others who had been directed to the world’s best website maker only after spending so much time and money on useless website maker tools to create website. So for those who do not know about this free software, I am writing this review in the hope of providing first hand information on how to create website successfully without having to part with their hard earned money.

BlueVoda website maker is a tool ideally suited for the beginners who have no prior knowledge about complex technology related to create website. Mastering BlueVoda was also a challenge for me initially until I started viewing the free video tutorials which makes the workflow much more efficient and user friendly. The website maker is designed to help beginners like me with step by step tutorial guidance that will keep you inspired to the end when create website. The drag and drop options are really a breeze once you have defined a clear blueprint in your mind of the website you intend to create. With the help of the video tutorials I had a great website uploaded under a week. I received ample support from the BlueVoda website maker support team to publish my site on internet. For a person who had no experience on how to create website, within a week of publishing my site I received my first work order. Since my earnings have been on the rise I am thinking of taking up freelance writing as a full time job even after I complete my university studies.

I’ll just summarize how I view the advantages and limitations of BlueVoda website maker to create website.

•    It’s absolutely free, so why spend thousands of dollars when you can create website just the way you want it for absolutely no cost?
•    Unlimited options for customizing your website
•    Strong customer support
•    An opportunity for beginners and a boon for IT professionals

•    Ok for starters, this might look a little intimidating at the beginning. Just grab the help offered by the video tutorials and you are on your way to create website nothing short of fantastic.

In this fast paced world we really need to keep our pulses glued to the latest innovations. The internet is a vital marketing tool in today’s context. Everyone should have easy access to website maker tools to help them create website with the least amount of hassle and cost. BlueVoda website maker is a perfect solution with its dynamic and value added features that is not even matched by other professional website maker tools that are offered only at a huge cost. Once you create website using BlueVoda website maker, it will only be uploaded to the internet through the VodaHost web hosting company at a nominal fee. This is the only stipulation you have to comply in an otherwise free to use website maker tool.  So if you are looking for a feature rich website maker to create website, take a close look at BlueVoda, you are bound to come up with aces.

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