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Hi, my name is Jackie Anderson and I run a chain of retail cosmetic solutions in Tampa, FL. Today I owe my success to my family and friends for having supported me through hard times, but that’s not what I am here to discuss. I am here to tell you the wonders of BlueVoda, website builder and without them I wouldn’t have become as successful as I am today. If you really want to create a website and need help for the same, to establish your business and let the online world know everything you stand for, BlueVoda is the name to reckon with. Please read on and you will very well know why I am recommending BlueVoda, website builder to create a website as I did.

In 2009, during the summer I decided to quit my full time job as an in-house cosmetic sales assistant and start my own line. The journey wasn’t that easy in the beginning, since none of my folks come from a business lineage. Needless to say, I was clueless about promotions and public relations as well, when one of my closest ex-colleagues, bless her, told me about setting up an online retail cosmetic solution venture. “The whole world is making big bucks through the World Wide Web, so why not you”, said Janice. This got me thinking and the next step was for me to search for a reputed website builder to create a website.

I had searched the net for someone or some company to help me create a website, but the reviews on most of the companies I came across were either scary or not convincing. I almost gave up hope until once again Janice; my savior came to my rescue. She told me that her fiancés uses a website builder, BlueVoda and how grateful and satisfied he is with them. She explained that there are so many options and features available with them, that a person could just create any type of website they want.

What really stood out with BlueVoda, website builder is their super friendly customer service; they indeed are there when you need help, even if it is at 2am to create a website!! I didn’t have to break my head understanding the various tools and coding which helped me create a website and I wasn’t lost in developing my new website. The budget was perfect with BlueVoda website builder and not once was I asked to pay for any of the unlimited services it has, for example, you can have as many web pages as you want.

BlueVoda website builder gives you the joy of being free and experience of having the entire website making tools at no extra cost to create a website. If you check their website, you would find plenty of video tutorials to help you with the ways to create a website. One wouldn’t have to spend too much time on understanding how to create a website using the free software they have on their website. And you don’t have t be a tech wizard to know how to use the website builder tools to create a website. The site always made me feel like a pro at work, especially when I started building my website with my own skills and talents. In short, you can trust the user friendliness of BlueVoda website builder to help you make your website dream come true and as per your satisfaction.

When you create a website using BlueVoda website builder, you don’t have to know HTML, since it doesn’t require you to do so. There are many templates that would help you make your website attractive and catchy for other prowling eyes on the web. Traffic would increase ten folds and believe me when I say that. Plus, BlueVoda has many more features that make its software super friendly and easy to use to create a website. If you feel stuck somewhere using the website builders tools, use their useful video tutorials or check the forums and blogs posted for help.

With BlueVoda website builder helping you to create a website you don’t have to worry about malicious spyware attacking your projects. You can have as many websites through this domain as you want, and your business will grow, try it and see for yourself. You certainly don’t need any experience to use this website builder; even your teenage kid can do it for you in a jiffy.

I certainly believe that BlueVoda website builder is the messiah at website creation, and would surely recommend this website builder to one and all who wished to create a website in the future. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to build websites and end up loosing your sanity, use BlueVoda to create a website!!

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