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I am in the business of event planning and PR handling. In my trade it is essential to create website designs for a wider outreach towards potential customers. Since event planning is a service that needs consistent updates, timely scheduling and keeping abreast with the latest trends I needed to create website designs that are time appropriate. Since I work with a small budget getting the services of a full time professional website maker is not plausible. On the other hand I learned fast that handling complex HTML codes and other technical aspects involved in a DIY job to create website designs is also not the ideal solution for me. I am good with computers but I am definitely not a computer geek and I was clueless about handling sophisticated website maker tools.

The quandary of how to create website designs that look great and have the desired outcome without having to spend mega bucks while doing it was solved when I searched for a simple and effective website maker. BlueVoda runs a broad gamut in search engine results for user friendly website maker tools. There are tons of reviews on it and close inspection revealed that many of them are highly satisfactory for those who create website designs successfully. Since BlueVoda is also a free to use software to create website designs by total beginners as well as experts I just went ahead and downloaded the software into my computer. The first thing I did was to watch all video tutorials until I got a good understanding of how this particular website maker tool works. Once I started experimenting with my first attempt to create website pages it was a total revelation for me.

The excitement was such that I worked for most of the night. By morning I had a fine blueprint for my very first website inclusive of all the vital pages. The greatest buzz was that I could easily create website pages with images, event calendars, responders and much more. BlueVoda website maker has a simple interface which makes moving things around each page a breeze. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to website building or not, since the BlueVoda website maker has built-in options and features to help create website designs with a distinct professional edge.  For those of you out there looking for a user friendly and free to use website maker tool, here’s some reasons why I recommend it for anyone who wants to create website designs profitably.

•    Great web page making benefits for free. The website maker is free to download. Once the software is downloaded there is no limit to create website pages, sites or blogs. You don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes. Website maker has an editing tool facilitating endless edits and changes until you have perfectly fine tuned pages ready for uploading.

•    The website maker is ideal to create website designs of high quality and superior impact without having to utilize advanced coding languages. Just pick a web design template from the extensive gallery and start adding text, logos, pictures and even video clips as much as you want. Each feature can be maneuvered efficiently and precisely through the ‘drag and drop’ option.

•    Provides amazingly quick results. It takes less than 30 minutes to create website designs using BlueVoda website maker. Since there are no FTP requirements for uploading your site it can be made available for public viewing immediately. The only stipulation is that a BlueVoda website can be published on the internet through VodaHost, a highly cost effective web hosting company. In my case I regard this condition as an extra benefit as I did not have to spend hours looking for a suitable hosting company. Shop around and compare hosting charges with other competitive providers and you would notice that the hosting charges are very reasonable.

•    BlueVoda has an excellent support system. Whether you are experiencing any glitches in the web designing stage or you want to find out what is the latest in web designing you can rely on the efficient support provided by BlueVoda. The website maker has an extensive step by step video tutorial guide to begin with. There is also a very interactive web forum where you can meet and interact with other BlueVoda website maker users.

•    If you have a budding business and want to create website pages to broadcast your product range to a wider audience this is a perfect tool.

With BlueVoda website maker you are ensured of a professional output. This is very important if your objective is to display high professionalism through your website. After all, everyone in the business knows how useful it is to create website designs with good impact. It goes a long way in adding positive value to the profit margins.

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