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How to Become a Creative Website Designer

William Stevenson, was a happy man, he worked as a branch manager of a small branch of a well known supplier firm; his children were on the verge of starting their own careers and William, known as Bill to his friends was happily chugging towards his retirement when his world suddenly collapsed.  The economy of the free world took a nasty turn and business started collapsing right and left without any notice. Williams company in order to survive difficult financial crunch had to close a number of branches, and William found that at the age of fifty he was out of work.  He had some savings, but not enough to retire comfortably; he needed another job, but after many fruitless visits to recruitment agencies, he discovered that his skill sets were not enough to get him a good job.  He had computer skills, but he was not computer savvy, and had no idea how to create website or find a suitable website maker to advertise his skills on the internet.  His company had a website maker who had create website for his branch.  He almost gave up, but a kind recruitment agent told him to use the set of skills he has learned as a manager, to start a small events company.

William liked the idea; he was always good at organizing things, getting materials, using available manpower to get the work done.  He had organized several fund raising events and he decided to start a small business. However, he needed to create website to advertise his business. His next step was to lookout for a suitable website maker, he told his friends and acquaintances to let him know if they can get some information where to find a cheap website maker.  He also explored the possibilities of create website on his own. He found he was lost in the strange world that talked about web designers, web hosting services, servers, and shared servers.

William had almost given up the idea of create website on his own and started thinking of engaging a professional website maker when a stranger heard him talking to his friends and told him to try BlueVoda at website maker that provides free software to create website. In the beginning he was not ready to take the advice of a stranger, but then thought there was no harm in exploring the idea.  His mild interest turned into enthusiasm when he explored the wide range of options offered by the website maker. There were a number of designs to create a logo, a library of readymade templates, great ideas for website background and an option to create more pages and link them to the main website.  His dream to create website on his own came true.

In the beginning he was uneasy, he had no idea what HMTL was, and what he knew about computers can be counted on the fingers of one hand.  However, as the task continued and he realized that he can use drag and drop method offered by the website maker to make a logo, use library write content and as the project create website took a clear shape, he became more energetic.  He started experimenting, using step by step method given by the website maker to create website that reflects his personality, subdued, efficient and trustworthy.  He also discovered that there was no need to hire a hosting company; the website maker had given him a one click option to put his newly created website online after paying a nominal sum of money.

William is now a proud owner of a flourishing event management company.  He started receiving inquiries soon after he put his newly created website went live online with the help of the website maker. He is now working from a comfortable office, and spends his spare time in improving his website.  He is thinking of expanding his business and adding a new segment. He has a number of ideas which he is going to use when he create website for his new business again with the help of the website maker.

William and his friends have started a small association that advises new businesses how to create website with the step by step help provided by the website maker.  He has helped many budding businesses create website of their own with the free help given by the website maker. He has become such an expert that he is now invited by many forums to conduct workshops and advise people how to use free website maker to create websites to improve their business opportunities.

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