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How to Create a Website For a Class Project

Apart from being the internet’s architect website maker, BlueVoda is much bigger, better and simpler than any other website maker in the market. During our fashion design course, in CAD which is an abbreviation for computer aided design we were told to create website and show our creativity. I was initially a bit agitated as I was not sure how to create website as I did not know how to build a website. We, as a group became really worried. All through the course we had been enjoying ourselves in restaurants and pubs. Now we had to create website in two days time. It was inhuman, we thought, on the part of our department head. First we thought we could arrange for a website designer. But we had to give a presentation on that website and if someone else made our website, we would have not learnt anything.

Some of my friends told me that we could learn to create website with automated website maker that are available online. So we decided to check out website maker online. But to our disappointment, many had a large fee. More so, it was so confusing that every time we tried to get started we were stuck somewhere. Our class fellows told us that you needed prior knowledge to create website. This made us even more depressed! A day had passed without any solution! I sat through the night browsing the internet. I knew there was just one day between me and my suspension. I was so dejected. This thought pinched me and I wanted to make an outstanding website for myself. I started browsing for another website maker and something suddenly flashed across my eyes. It was bliss! Like God had answered my prayers! BlueVoda website maker! Yes it was right there starring right back at me!

BlueVoda gave me everything I asked for, right from building a website to publishing it. I learnt everything about how to build a website with this website maker. They taught how to create website step by step and how to publish the website, which is also done with a single click. This website maker also had some very good Video Tutorials which help you to learn how to build a website at every step. They were very simple to interpret and learn from, to help you create website of your choice. I was very pleased with the results of the website I had created and the output was turning out really nice.

The features of this website maker were also very good. First of all there was no need to learn html to know how to build a website with this website maker.  You could create website by just clicking and dragging and dropping various pre-designed templates. One could also create website with multi-pages with this website maker. I did not know that I would learn how to build a website so simply. I started to create website of my own to suit my designing needs and I was getting all the more excited as I kept going with the creation. It had a big library having unlimited logos, images and templates. I was able to insert it very easily on my website. It also gave me the facility to insert streaming videos.
It was so much fun to create website after having learnt everything about how to build a website. I was ecstatic! It came out to be such a fantastic looking website. I told all my friends. They could not believe that I had been able to create website this easily. But when they saw it, they were delighted to know about BlueVoda website maker.

This website maker has done a lot of good to me as it helped me get the best website designer award on our term end examination. Everyone including our faculty was so impressed with the website that I had created, that they asked me to give tips about how to build a website. All my team mates were so appreciative and they all wanted to know how to build a website. They asked me how I was able to create website that was truly awesome. After having learnt to create website with this website maker I was very satisfied with my work.

I thank BlueVoda for teaching me how to build a website and helping me to create website for my project and giving me so much recognition. Now I teach all my class mates how to build a website with BlueVoda website maker. BlueVoda is really superb!

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