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Hello, my name is Jane, and I’m proud to say that I have used the BlueVoda website maker. I want to share my story about how this website maker has helped me create website for an offline business. I believe everyone interested in making a website for their business and blogging should know their options. This is why I have decided to share my story.

It’s been 6 months now that my first website was created using BlueVoda website maker. Since then, my product inquiries have tripled, and sales have gradually picked up, just another factor why I am a proud user of this software. I was able to create website using this amazing software that I just downloaded for free. This software is not just amazing but also great for making money, it opened a new business opportunity for me. What business opportunity I’m talking about, creating website. Yes, when friends and family saw my website, they actually asked me to create website for their business. But of course, I told my friends and people asking that they can create website in just a couple of hours using the website maker, still they opted not to as they are busy with a lot of things already.
Anyway, I’m happy to be of assistance, especially when I can create website and showcase my creative side with BlueVoda free software.

This website maker is very easy to use, perfect for people like me who have no html web design knowledge. Yes, you got it right, I have no knowledge and experience in making website, which is why I have been worried and a bit hesitant in doing my own website. Luckily, BlueVoda software was easy to use. If only I had known that making a website would be so simple, I would have used it to create website for my business a long time ago. My site has the necessary features and looks brilliant, and I’m quite proud of my work.

Actually, I’m very proud of my website, it has videos of the business and contact information. The site aesthetic is very pleasing to the eyes, and this is due to the pre-designed templates and other features of BlueVoda website maker, which I have fully utilized to create website for my business. Take note, the predesigned templates allow people to create unlimited pages for their website, so you can create website with more than one page if you like. Additionally, the website maker has an image gallery that provides a wide range of options for website headers, backgrounds, etc.

But the most amazing thing about the website maker, which I believe is the main reason why I was able to create website that looks great, functional and useful for my business is the drag and drop button. That’s right! The website maker drag and drop feature allows people to create website as many as they can regardless of knowledge and experience.

Of course, the video tutorials that come with the website also help me create website, a fantastic website. And the knowledge that anytime I have problems, I can easily email for assistance. I know this, because before downloading this website maker, I left them a message just to test their support team as I didn’t want to waste time, so when I got a reply immediately I proceeded. The website maker also contains no adware and spyware,
which I can attest to be true.

I highly recommend BlueVoda website maker for many reasons, but the primary reason is its functionality. You can create website as many as you can, like what I’m doing now. I create website for friends, family members, and people who have seen my work and hired me to be their website developer and designer. I also liked this website maker instant publishing feature.

What do I mean by instant publishing? Well, you see, after finishing my website I just sign up with VodaHost for a web hosting account then I click the publish button and my site is live in seconds. Instantly, I have a live website that displays my products. I’m truly glad that I have discovered BlueVoda website maker before hiring a website developer. Today, I’m earning money from my website and from using the website maker, I get paid to create website, something I now enjoy doing as I can let my creativity and wild imagination run free.

I now have two sources of income and best of all my other source of income allows me to create website easily and without a problem.

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