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How to Create a Travel Website for Free

I started using website maker to create my travel website. At the moment, I have not encountered any serious problems that would force me to seek professional help. On the contrary, my experience with BlueVoda further affirms my belief that this website maker is the best software to use when I want to create website.

BlueVoda software is fantastic in my opinion because I can create website easily. In fact, I was able to create a travel website in just two hours.  I’m still baffled as to how I was able to create website fast. I know the software is amazing and user friendly. That is why, it is not impossible to create website without assistance. But still, building a website should not be easy as I have no experience. I don’t know anything about html coding or experience in website building. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I was able to create website that I’m proud of introducing to my friends and family.

So, how was I able to create a website fast? The first thing I did before downloading the website maker is watched the video tutorials. BlueVoda has video tutorials that discuss everything users need to know from building website to publishing the website in just minutes. The video tutorials show the step by step procedure of how to create website using BlueVoda website maker. Without the video, things might not be so easy for me. I know it is still possible to create website fast because of the website maker excellent features but it’s not going to be a piece of cake. The video eliminated the hassle of understanding every feature of the software.

The feature I love most about BlueVoda website maker is the drag and drop feature. As I have said, I don’t know anything about html or website design. So, a website maker that allows me to create website just by dragging and dropping the images or templates I needed is worth using in my book. This website maker made it easy to create website as everything I needed from logos to website headers to templates are just easily downloaded from the image gallery. The image gallery is free to use so I was able to download the templates I like for my travel website. There are hundreds of free images, website headers to choose from that easily let me create website that is unique. So, I just took advantage of their freebies. Anyway, after choosing the logos I need I just drag it and drop it in the proper place. Same with everything else I needed to complete my travel website.

BlueVoda also has a 24/7 customer support team. I didn’t need any assistance to create website because of the website maker user friendliness. Nevertheless, it was nice to know that there is a support team that is ready to provide assistance when I need it. I also think it is well worth using BlueVoda software to design and create website for it is free. It is a fact that hiring professional website developer and designer is expensive. That is why I am really grateful that there is a free website maker that I can use to create a website. I have tried a couple of website maker on the market and it just irritated and disappointed me. So, when I discovered BlueVoda website maker and have use it to create my travel website, I decided there on that this is the website maker for me.

I also found out that I can build as many website as I want. There is no limit to using this BlueVoda software. This is the reason why I created several websites to show to my friends and family. Yes! I have used the website maker to create website and not just one website but four. I had a hard time deciding what I want for my travel blog so I just created several websites with different templates, logos and website headers.

It was fun to create website for so many different sites. I didn’t mind doing four website in just one day. When I finally decided on a website design for my travel blog, I just click publish then it went live right away. It has a “one click publishing” feature that allows me to publish my website on the internet in seconds. But of course, I need to sign up and create a web hosting account with VodaHost to use the one click publishing feature. With the user friendliness of BlueVoda website maker, I was able to create website that is awesome.

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