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How to make money by creating websites

Debt was really creeping into our lives. My wife started surfing the net, looking for options to earn money from home. My wife found out that it was possible to earn money building websites, but was unhappy that she did not have any computer knowledge to do so. She also did not have the patience now to study and complete a course in building websites.

So she started looking around if there was some other means of building websites, without any prior programming languages. This was when luck was on her side, and she learnt that it was now possible to use a website maker to create website.

She then started searching for website makers she could use to start building websites. While some of them required some basic computer and programming knowledge to use, she was really excited when she found out about BlueVoda, a great website maker that could be used even by 5 year olds to create website for free.

This is because this website maker does not require any programming knowledge to create website. All you need to do is drag and drop the different elements of a website to create website as required.

The website maker comes with its set of video tutorials which are not only thorough in instructions to help you create website, but are also easy to follow. You need not worry if you don’t understand any part of the website maker’s tutorial.

You just have to send your queries to BlueVoda’s efficient customer support system and your doubts are all cleared. In case it doesn’t get cleared, you can always post your queries on the many message board and discussion forums for website makers. There are always some other BlueVoda users present who will be more than ready to clear your create website doubts for you.

It’s no hassle downloading the website maker too. You just have to head to their website, and on clicking their download link, the website maker is downloaded to your computer in a few minutes time. As it does not use much space, you need not worry about your memory space.

The website maker offers a wide range of templates for you to choose from in their library to create website. Based on your imagination and requirements, you just have to choose the template you think best fits your website requirements and use it to create website.

There is no limit to the number of pages you create for your website. BlueVoda lets you create website with as many pages as your require, which my wife used to her benefit. Following the tutorials offered on the site, she managed to learn how to create website in a few days time for a first attempt.

However with practice, she now can create website within half an hour’s time, as mentioned by BlueVoda! As soon as she learnt how to use the website maker to create website, she started looking around for freelance job opportunities.

Slowly but steadily, she managed to earn a sizeable monthly income building websites. This was possible mainly due to the fact that there is no limit to the number of websites you create using this website maker.

I forgot to mention that my wife managed to make a profit creating websites as she did not have to pay anything to acquire the website maker or to learn how to create website! Yes, BlueVoda is free, another reason for you to consider using the website maker to create website.

All you need to do is use only their sister concern VodaHost for all your hosting requirements once you create website. You have to pay a small monthly fee for this hosting service, which is rather minimal considering the fact that you know the website you create is compatible with it.

So with my wife creating and selling websites using this website maker, we soon managed to start saving and collecting money for our children’s future expenses. To top it all, my wife could do all this at home, at her convenience and free time instead of facing the hassles of a job!

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