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How to Create Websites and Earn Money

I am basically an optimistic person who just loves life. I love everything related to life; adventure, love, food, travel, work and even sleep! It was my love for life that made me do so much with my life. I worked in a multinational company and earned enough for me to live a luxurious and tension-free life. I could afford to go on long holidays with my family, taste all types of foods and even try out all types of adrenaline pumping sports like bungee jumping, canoeing and even sky diving. I was just loving and enjoying life, when one day my life turned upside down. It was while trying my luck at sky diving that I landed on my back and suffered exhilarating pain in my lower back. I was rushed to the hospital where it was decided I had to undergo immediate surgery. Luckily I survived the surgery; however the unlucky thing was that the fall made me paralytic and I could not move around on my own. I could not go to the office and most of my savings was used to pay for hospital bills, medicine and physiotherapy. Though I knew that one day I would be back on my legs, I had to do something to not only earn money but also to keep myself busy. This was when I turned to the internet for inspiration. I knew that if I create website, I would be able to earn a sizeable amount via the internet.

However the problem was that I didn’t know how to create website on my own. I tried approaching some web developers to create website for me. Though I could afford their services, I was not actually happy with their ideas and concepts to create website for myself. Until one day a friend of mine recommended to download a free website maker to create website on my own. So I started searching Google to find out more about the available website maker out there. Though I was new to the concept of a website maker, I found that there were many to choose from. I did not actually mind paying for a website maker. However I found that most of them required some HTML knowledge to use them. I was not actually keen on learning anything new; only to create website using a simple website maker. I then came across the great website maker, BlueVoda.

This website maker is great for various reasons. The first reason is that it is so easy to use. Anyone can use the website maker to create website; a small child, a computer novice and even a professional web developer. In fact, this website maker is so easy to use that within a few hours of going through the video tutorials, I learned most of the tricks involved to create website. All I had to do was drag and drop everything I wanted to create website to my ideas and specifications. The customer service of the website maker is also great. All I had to do was email any queries I had about using the website maker to create website, and they were answered quite quickly. In addition to this, there is a forum where other BlueVoda users help out each other by posting their issues and problems they face when create website. In addition to this, I did not have to pay anything to download this website maker. All I had to pay was for its web hosting sister concern, Vodahost. Though some people consider this a waste of money, I didn’t as the hosting services helped me host my website and thus generate some revenue through it. Another reason why I like this website maker is I can create website with as many web pages as there are no limits. I just went on adding pages and pages teaching novices all about the sports I had tried, and of course, the dangers and precautionary measures they have to take.

Besides creating a website for my personal use, I mastered using this website maker so much that I could easily create website within a few hours time. This helped me earn even more money as I could create website for others and thus, more money for myself. So in a nutshell, the website maker BlueVoda has now made me financially independent as I could earn a living by create website for others. With the optimism I have, I know that with physiotherapy, I shall soon be able to live life to the fullest like I always have.

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