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Why Spend Money to Create a Website?

Trying BlueVoda website maker is a good decision since it allows me to create website for my virtual store. Today, I have a successful business and a website that I can rely on. I have no regrets choosing BlueVoda as my website maker after going through all the options since there is no other free website maker that can top BlueVoda features, great customer care and allows anyone to create website quickly. Believe me when I say, you can never go wrong with the software that allows you to create website and publish it in one click. Before I tell you why I think BlueVoda website maker is the best software to use when you wish to create website without spending much, let me share with you my story.

Six months ago, I learned to design bags, wallets and pen holders from attending a seminar. I attended the seminar not because I was interested but simply to accompany my cousin. Anyway, I enjoyed it so much that I even signed up for another extensive course to learn more while my cousin decided not to continue since according to her I have more talent for designing. To get to the point, I was the one that ended up as a designer, and she was right, as my bags, wallets, and pen holders are selling which prompted to take my business into the next level and sell to a wider audience.

I know that virtual stores are the trend nowadays as even brick and mortar stores are creating a portal to promote their services and products. So, having a website is not just an option but essential to make my designs well known and most of all increase my profit. By the way, the first thing I did once I had decided that creating an online store is much better than opening a brick and mortar accessories store is to look for a professional website developer and designer. Unfortunately, after searching for a week I finally accepted that I could not afford to hire a professional website developer. In fact, my own relatives tried to charge me an arm and a leg to build the website of my dreams, so I started looking into more affordable options and this is when I stumbled onto BlueVoda website maker.

BlueVoda allows me to create website straight away, which is what I exactly did. After downloading the software, I immediately went to work and discovered that the website maker is amazing since, in just under one hour, I created a good-looking first page without asking for help and paying anyone. I still remember the feeling, I was deliriously happy for being able to do something I have never imagined doing not even once in my life as have no html web design knowledge. Come to think of it! I’m not a computer expert but just someone with a creative mind and passion for designing bags and wallets. But thanks to the website maker, I realized that I also have a knack designing websites.

The website maker is very easy to use, probably why I was able to create website that I can be proud of and compare. You see, it was very easy to create website using BlueVoda software because there are pre-designed templates to choose from that can let anyone create website easily, so you can let your crazy ideas run free.

Moreover, I was able to create website despite my lack of formal education in web design and experience because the image library contains hundreds of logos, webpage backgrounds, templates, and website headers. BlueVoda website maker also provides video tutorials that make it even easier to create website. Take note, the video tutorials cover all aspect of creating to publishing a website. That’s right, the website maker does not just provide tutorials to help user create website but also instantly publish the website.
I was amazed at the power of BlueVoda website maker that I ended up creating not just one but three websites without a problem. Well, it is safe to say that I was carried away by the brilliance of the website maker, the software that allows people to create website in one day.

Bear in mind the website maker does not only allow anyone to create website but also publish the website as hosting is never a problem. I just created an account with VodaHost to publish my online store. Because of my good experience with the website maker, I have decided to create website for a living to augment my income. So, aside from having an online bag store I’m also a website designer. The best thing of all, I have no trouble managing my time as the website maker lets me create website fast.

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