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Before I write my review about this great website maker BlueVoda, let me give a brief introduction about myself. I am actually a lawyer by profession, a well-established one too. I specialize in DUI cases, and thus receive lots of queries and requests for help from potential clients via phone. As I can’t always attend to these calls, I finally decided it’s better to create website for myself and my firm.

I always thought it was not necessary to have a website advertising my legal services. However the innumerous queries I received daily left me with little time to attend to other matters and even use my phone for receiving private phone calls. This was the main reason I thought it was time I create website for myself.

Of course, like any other person, I first approached a web developer to help create website for me. However no matter how much I explained my ideas and thoughts, the developer just couldn’t create website that fit my needs and requirements.

I tried out many web designers and developers but I did not find any of them capable enough to handle my website design needs. It was while looking for web developers to hire to create website for myself that I learned about website maker.

I learned that website makers are actual tools that anyone can use to create website, without the interference or dependence on web developers. So I thought it was a great idea to use a website maker to create website. So I started looking around for the right website maker to use to create website.

I was however rather disappointed as while looking around, I found that to use most of the website maker, I needed some knowledge of some programming language, which I unfortunately didn’t have. I only know how to operate a computer, send emails and correspond via internet. I did not know any programming language, and thus was really upset about this.

This was when a colleague of mine told me about the website maker, BlueVoda. This is a great website maker that anyone can use, as there is no need of knowing any HTML web design knowledge or any programming knowledge to use. I thus thought it was alright to give this website maker a try to create website.

I was really happy with the website maker as I just had to drag and drop all the different elements of the web page to create a web page and website as per my requirements. I found no difficulties in using BlueVoda to create website as the tool not only had easy to follow video tutorials to teach me things, there is also a great community forum I used to clear all my doubts. Whenever I had any difficulties using the website maker to create website, I just had to post my doubts on the forum, and other BlueVoda users helped me by providing me with answers to all my doubts.

In addition to this, I did not have to waste any time thinking of a great design to use to create website as BlueVoda comes with a wide range of pre-designed website templates. Not only are there templates, but BlueVoda also offers hundreds of free logos, webpage backgrounds and website headers for me to choose and use in my website.

Another thing I have to mention about this great website maker is that there is no limit to the number of web pages created for the website. In addition to this, there is no limit to the number of websites you can use the website maker to create. Using this to my advantage, I started a new hobby creating websites and started earning money through this side business of mine! Once I mastered using the website maker to create website, all I needed was half an hour to create website. So I could easily build websites on weekends, when I was free.

To top it all, as BlueVoda has a sister concern, VodaHost, as I did not have to go looking for a web host to host my website after I created it. VodaHost took care of all this for me, for a minimal monthly fee which I did not mind paying. So if you ask me, I will always say and recommend that BlueVoda is a great website maker anyone should and can use to create website.

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