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I am a house wife and my husband, family and friends love to eat dishes prepared by me. They insisted that I create website with my own food blog. Previously I used to contribute my recipes to other popular food blogs or cooking websites. My friends inspired me to create my own website. Finally I was set to create website with my recipe collection. Since I had a low budget and limited knowledge of HTML, I thought of to create website on my own using a website maker. I started surfing the internet for a good website maker. The internet is full of free stuff so I started downloading various templates, logo designs, clips etc., which I thought of assembling after words. Soon I realised that I was in a big mess. When my hopes were about to sink I found a link to BlueVoda website maker. I thought of giving it as my last try. To my surprise I found the best website maker ever. It was very easy to create website with this website maker.

This website maker has a stock of thousands of unpublished logos, beautiful clips and many templates to choose from. It was so easy to select logos and templates that I was amazed. The interface of this website maker software is very user friendly and the toolbars and menu bar can be customised to ones convenience. Within a few hours of effort I created the home page of my website with BlueVoda. Moreover I was happy to have an unpublished logo for my website. With this website maker anyone who didn’t even have knowledge of HTML can create website.

Words of appreciation came from my family and friends when they visited my website. Yes, it really did look like a website created by a professional. I had created a blog in my website where I encourage people who love to cook and have innovative ideas of recipes who can contribute their creations in this blog. My husband gave me a great idea of adding videos of me cooking my recipes onto this website. And bingo! I added my videos to the website with just a few clicks.

BlueVoda has dozens of video tutorials to view and learn on how to create website smoothly. My website now looks like I have spent lots of money to get this done but the truth is it was free. I just needed to sign up and download the software. I got to access all the necessary templates to create website with this website maker. Whenever I got stuck with something I got the best customer support. They provide 24/7 customer support. Create website with this website maker software was easy and fun. But it is worth mentioning that publishing the created website was very easy. With just one click my website got published on the web. I got support from their customer support team even after my website was published.

I would suggest this website maker to everybody who is planning to create website even if they don’t have any knowledge of HTML. This website maker is 100% clean and free from malware and spyware. One can easily make out one or more webpages within a short time. The packs of logos are just amazing. I was overwhelmed to find in this website maker, that the templates can be customised accordingly. People now like my webpage and I found a lot of hits on my page. It was easy to create website which has a stylish yet smart look with nice background colour and a unique logo.

Although I had limited knowledge on how to create website but with this website maker I never felt like I was limited. The website I created has given me such confidence that I could now create website with multiple webpage for my recipes in minutes. The fun of publishing your website created by you is just superb. Now few of my friends are asking me to create website for them. I am even thinking of starting a new business of create websites. I am sure my recipe website will fetch me a good number of orders. I have even received a few new orders, isn’t that nice? I want to thank BlueVoda website maker into turning my webpage into a success.

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