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I have been a BlueVoda website maker fan for the past 2 years for my personal blog and eCommerce website. This website maker helped me create my blog site and jumpstart my online business. It is safe to say that this website maker and its hosting partner had saved me and my family. I guess it’s the reason why I have decided to share my story with you and for those looking to find information about BlueVoda efficiency and interested in starting their own personal blog or online business.

As I have said awhile ago, BlueVoda website maker has helped me and my family tremendously as the website maker allows people create website and start an online business without spending much money. Two years ago, I lost my job because the company I worked for many years shut down without any warning.  Naturally, I was devastated and scared because I did not expect it, everything happened too fast. In fact, I was completely caught off guard for the first time in my life. There was no work, no money coming in, and this is the reason why I was desperate to find work before my savings were gone and the situation became worse. Anyway, I did not find any work, so I was freaking out until a friend suggested I try my luck online because there is money on the internet according to him.

So, after researching, I decided to give blogging a chance, but to start off I needed a website. And frankly, I could not afford to hire a website developer and designer as my funds already were stretched to the limit. I thought, this was the end for me, but luckily, I found BlueVoda website maker. At first, I was skeptical as I could not believe that it is possible to create website without any HTML knowledge or experience. But after researching, and probably out of desperation, I decided to give BlueVoda website maker a chance. Besides, I had nothing to lose and it is easy to download the website maker software, I just provided my email and name then that’s it, the software was sent to my email.

The first thing I did was watch the video tutorials. YES, you read it right, the website maker provides video tutorials to help people create website without a problem. After watching the video tutorials that teaches the proper way to create website using the website maker, I started working on my personal blog first. To be honest, I found the website maker software very easy to use that even if did not watch the tutorials, there is no doubt that I could create website in just one day even though it is my first time doing so.

You see, the website maker is very easy to use because of the software drag and drop feature. Plus the pre-designed templates definitely allows people to create website without professional help or assistance because the drag and drop feature allowed me to pick the template I want, which is what I did. By the way, the image library of the software allows you to download logos, website headers, and webpage backgrounds without spending any money. There are hundreds of logos, etc to choose from, so I had many options. I believe that I could create website again and again without using the same headers or backgrounds because there are plenty of choices.

Furthermore, the website maker is completely clean, free from Adware or spyware. That’s why, I was able to create website with a peace of mind, and in just one day. Yes, my first website was created in just 3 hours, and the best thing about the website maker, aside from letting me create website is that my blog site went live in just one click. Take note, the software has a one-click publishing feature, so after I create website I just signed up with their hosting partner, VodaHost then viola my first website went live in seconds. The success of my personal blog prompted me to create website again, but this time for my online business.

Today, I have two websites, a personal blog, and commercial website that are making money for me. The success of my websites inspired me once again to create website for a new business idea, and because this website maker allows people to create website easily. I know now that I will have an awesome time once again as this software lets you do more than just create website but also allows to create website at     anytime. BlueVoda is highly recommended for people without HTML knowledge because of its drag and drop features, and video tutorials.

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