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I’m a chef by profession and love to share my unique food recipes with other big time foodies. Earlier, the online platform I was utilizing to give out food tips and recipes was through my personal blog, which I manage even today. However, now I own a personal website, which is indeed a more organized and customized stage for professionals like me to show the online world – what we’re capable of doing!

During the phase when I was connected with my online audience via blog, my dear friend suggested to me to create website. Though, I also had this concept in my mind to create website, which will be more comprehensive, professional looking and contains better bespoke features, which generally you don’t enjoy with free blogs. However, I was deliberately delaying the process to create website of my own because the website maker companies, professionals and freelancers I met were majorly into IT sector and as I had no experience to create website. Also, my idea regarding my own website was literally innovative which unfortunately no website maker tried to comprehend. But still, somewhere back in my mind I decided to create website for my target online audience, and yes, today I have one.

The website that I manage nowadays is my own tailor-made website, which was designed and developed solely by me. Shocked?? Well, this reaction I normally get to see when I share this fact with my known or dear ones. Even they couldn’t believe that a chef who was earlier hunting for a website maker company to create website and was running a mere blog (because no one had enough exposure within the food industry to comprehend my requirements) has eventually took the initiative to create website on his own. Yes, this is true. And this happened only because of an advanced website maker program that I fortunately found online to create website of my dreams.

The entire concept of my website was clear to me, however, what was missing are professionals who can identify with my ideas and create website of my choice. I knew the concept I selected regarding the appearance of my site was unique, therefore, I was very confident regarding it. But alas, no website maker company supported it and that discouragement persuaded me to find out an alternative. And yet, I found an alternative to create website in the form of BlueVoda, a full-fledged and well developed, user friendly online website maker tool that is no less than a miracle for the non-technical individuals (like me), who wish to penetrate the online industry on their own.

With BlueVoda, the entire process to create website seemed too simple and effortless. Although, the process of web designing is very complex and a deep knowledge of HTML is required. However, if you’re using a website maker tool like BlueVoda, then certainly you don’t need to be a programmer. All you need then is determination and confidence to create website. Rest, this website maker program is streamlined and you don’t encounter any issue while operating it.

For individuals like me who are creative and inclined towards only unique concepts, this website maker program called BlueVoda is appropriate. Reason is – there is a huge collection of website templates and web pages that this website maker places across the users. And all you have to do is select a template that perfectly matches your ideas and products/services you’ve planned to exhibited on the website. To create website, BlueVoda is undoubtedly the platform that I know since all these months, in which I thoroughly dissected this online industry and the IT companies operating these days.

As an online free website maker software, BlueVoda is apt because the massive range of features it holds gives users the freedom to let their juices of creativity flow. From choosing a layout till adding the text in the website, every related task will remain in your hands and you will then feel authoritative to take the initiative and decide on what exactly you need and what appears perfect, if you view the webpage solely as a visitor.

With the sheer assistance of this software, I added more than 20 pages on my website, which are perfectly interlinked. Though, there is no limitation on number of pages you want to add in the website. Such is the brilliance of this website maker .
I confidently suggest this website maker “BlueVoda” to all those who want to create website but have no confidence in other website maker companies. So, don’t wait, create website today by using this magnificent website maker tool called “BlueVoda”.

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