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Life seemed so boring after my accident. Prior my accident in a bid to save money, I thought I’d take care of my roof instead of calling in professionals to do the job. However instead of saving money, I ended up spending thrice the professional’s fees on my hospital bills. I had slipped off the roof, and ended up fracturing my leg. Luckily I had fallen on a pile of leaves which cushioned my fall lest I would have ended up with more injuries! While the first few days were painful, I found it rather boring just lying idle on the bed. I was not permitted to use crutches as the injury on my leg was rather bad and doctors had advised me to complete bed rest. So the only thing I could do was play games on my computer and read books.

However I am not much of a computer game freak and thus got bored playing all the games I had, and a few more games my friends gave me. While complaining to my friends, one of them told me to start trying using the internet to earn money instead of just for playing games.  This was what set my brain ticking and while looking for options to earn money online, I found there were many options available like affiliate marketing, writing, taking photos and create website. Of the lot, I thought I’d try my luck with building websites as it looked like a rather lucrative option.

However the problem was that I did not know any programming language in order to start. So while looking for help with this, I learnt that I had two options to create website. I could either enroll for an online course to learn program inning languages to create website or I could use a website maker.  After spending so much money for my treatment, I was unable to afford to take courses and a website maker. So I started looking out for a free website maker, which I could use to create website.

This was when I came across this great website maker, BlueVoda that is not only free, but also comes with instructions on how to create website. This website maker has such easy instructions to follow that even a small kid could easily create website. The only hitch associated with the website maker was that I had to use only their sister concern VodaHost to host my completed websites. Moreover, I had to pay a small fee once using their services. I however did not consider this factor to be an obstacle; in fact, I thought it was a bonus for me as I need not go looking for a host once I managed to create website using the website maker.

Once I downloaded the website maker software to my computer, I was delighted to find that it did not take up much computer memory space. In addition to this, I also thought the website maker not only had easy to follow instructions to create website, their customer support was great. I just had to post my queries to create website to them, and within a few minutes and maximum an hour, they provided me with answers.

In addition to this, there is a forum where other member who have used the website maker to create website. So even if I posted queries to create website there, I usually got immediate answers. Basically, it is really easy to create website using this website maker. All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements of a website to its respective places to create website you like. So with some ingenuity, imagination and logic, you can quickly build websites using BlueVoda.

Moreover, unlike some website makers, I found you could easily create as many websites as required using the website maker. There is no limitation to the number of websites you create, or the number of pages used when you create website. I found this a great feature about the website maker as I not only used it to create website and keep myself busy while at the hospital, it has also become my part time job now. After spending all my time working at my daytime bank job, I now also earn extra money designing websites for my friends and clients using my faithful and great website maker, BlueVoda.

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