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How to Create Your First Website

Unemployment is really a difficult phase in life. I had completed my college degree, and had given so many interviews I actually lost count of the number. I was practically fed up with looking for a job. It was while looking for job opportunities via the internet that I learnt that it was possible to earn a sizeable income working from home. I did not have any money to begin my own business or to pay and try out one of the many ‘make money quick’ schemes. So I was looking out for some ideas to make money without spending any of my own. Writing is something I am not that good at, so I had to drop the idea of earning money through writing.

A second option I had was to try out affiliate marketing, but as I said, I could not afford to take the monetary risk at that time. Web designing was a third and lucrative option I had, to earn money from home. However once again, I was not familiar with web designing and thus dropped this idea. This was when my friend introduced me to a website maker to create website completely free of charge and with no prior html or programming language.

Although it may be difficult to believe, there is a website maker that anyone can use to create website, even without any programming or code knowledge. This tool is none other than BlueVoda, a great piece of software for anyone who wants to earn money from home. I really loved using this website maker especially because I did not need to complete any computer course to create website. This is a website maker anyone can use to create website just by choosing the required elements and dragging them onto the page.

I thought it would be difficult to learn how to use a website maker. However I was proved wrong as there are many tutorials that really helped me learn how to take full advantage of the website maker to create website. It was not only up to the video tutorials however. Any queries and misunderstandings I had regarding the website maker to create website were cleared through the able customer support team that BlueVoda provides.

All I had to do was post my query about create website to them, and a friendly staff member would reply to me and thus help me address my problems. Even if I could not get immediate help through the customer support, there were the forums I could post my doubts on. Other BlueVoda website maker users within the forum helped clear my doubts and thus, helped me create website with minimal efforts.

I found the many templates that the website maker offers, are really helpful to create website especially since I am not actually such a creative person. In fact I found it rather difficult choosing the right template to use to create website of my choice! As there is no limit to the number of web pages and websites I am allowed to create using the website maker BlueVoda, I could create as many web pages and sites as I wished without worrying about any additional fees.

To top it all, the website maker BlueVoda is available for FREE! Yes, you may find it difficult to believe; but it is true, I did not pay a single cent for this great website maker. The reason BlueVoda can afford this is because there is a condition that if you use BlueVoda to create website, the website that you create has to be hosted on its sister concern, VodaHost. Although I had to pay a minimal monthly rent to pay for these hosting services, I really consider it money well spent. This is because once I create website, I did not have to go looking for a web hosting company to host my website on. I just had to host it using VodaHost. Everything was ready for me in no time.

It was because of these many features that come with the website maker that I decided I had to start making a living by creating websites. Though I needed about an hour to create website using the website maker at first, with practice, I found that all I needed was about 25 minutes to create website! You can thus imagine how much I can actually earn just by using this great website maker to create website for others!

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