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I have not ever been much of a fan of the Internet. I always believed in walking into a store and seeing what I want to purchase. The concept of ordering things online somehow never caught my attention. It would be not wrong to say that I have still been living in the horse and buggy days. My wife was more of an entrepreneur than I was. She always thought of new ways to make money while I worked hard morning to evening. One fine day she said to me that she wanted to open an online gift shop. I could not believe her. I totally dismissed the idea of starting an online business. I had reasons for doing that. One, I had no knowledge whatsoever to run an online business. Second, I did not know how I would manage the business using a computer. While all these negative thoughts were forcing me to take a step back, my wife’s motivation finally won. I had to give in to her business idea. Finally, we decided to take the online route. Here again we faced a few hurdles. While my better half certainly had an edge over me in terms of Internet knowledge, even she did not know much about building a website. Hence, we were stuck trying to understand how to create website. We tried reading the advice given on forums and websites about how to create website. Most of the posts talked about hiring a website developer to create website. We inquired with a few website developers to understand their rates to create website. We were quite shocked as we were a new start-up business and did not have much capital to start with. We were just about to give up on the idea when we read about a website maker that could help create website. But frankly it did not make me comfortable as how a website maker could help create website. But I knew I had to create website to offer better customer service. I knew the importance of communication in any form of business. In fact, I had read the article of a business guru saying that a website can greatly help with your clients’ relationship.

So I started looking for website maker program to create website. To be on the safer side, I compared various website maker programs to understand which offer the best features to create website. I came across the BlueVoda website maker. However, to be sure, I read reviews, watched videos and even got detailed information about this website maker through friends and peers. As I had no experience of Internet technologies or computer languages, I was not sure if this website maker would really help me create website. However, when I downloaded this website maker, all my doubts disappeared. I knew now I can create website using the BlueVoda website maker. This website maker had all the features of a powerful software program. First, it did not annoy me with advertisements. Being 100% ad free, the BlueVoda website maker really saved me from annoying pop-ups that come in way to create website. I had no knowledge of HTML or other programming language that are required to create website. Thanks to BlueVoda website maker, I could create website without any knowledge of programming. It surprised me when I was able to create website using the BlueVoda website maker in around an hour. Some other features of this website maker (that I found quite useful and cost effective) were the one-click publishing button, unlimited page creation, and access to image library with thousands of designs and templates. Another great thing about this website maker offers many features and programs to help create website just like an expert.

I would not say that I was able to create the best website on my first attempt. However, it is also true that without this program, I would never have been able to design and build a website on my own.  After making the first website, I did not stop. I tried making myself a better website developer with BlueVoda. I spent a few hours every week and soon I could make better websites in less time. My personal best record for making a website with BlueVoda is 45 minutes. Yes, in just 45 minutes I had a working website live on the Internet. Anyways, today my wife’s dream of becoming an Internet entrepreneur has come true!

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