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Life is so unpredictable. I started fiddling with my computer looking for a means of earning money. This was when I learnt that it was possible to earn money from home creating websites for others.

I thought I needed to learn some programming knowledge to create website. However while this is still necessary, it is now even possible to create website without any professional knowledge using a website maker.

Not just any website maker, but BlueVoda, which anyone can use to create website, even a 10 year old. This website maker is as easy to use as it comes with a clear set of tutorials teaching novices like me and you how it is possible to create website at home.

I started viewing the tutorials, which were rather interesting and clear to understand to create website. The website maker stated that you can create website within half an hour’s time with the help of the website maker. However it first took me a day or two to create websites. But as they say, practice makes perfect.

I kept on building websites with the website maker in my leisure, and pretty soon, I could create website within half an hour’s time using the website maker. This is because you just have to drag and drop the different elements of the website to create website as you require.

In addition to this, BlueVoda has a huge range of attractive templates to choose from in their library. I found it very convenient choosing the template I liked and used it to create website as I fancied.

In a nutshell, I managed to learn to use this website maker to not only create websites, but to create so many websites for all my clients! Yes, there is no limit to the number of websites you create using this website maker.

You just have to find an idea or concept for the website and accordingly, create website with as many pages as you want. There is also no limit to the number of pages you add to the website you create with BlueVoda. No matter how much of matter or information you plant to include in the website, you can do it using this website maker.

Besides the unlimited number of websites that can be created using the website maker, another feature that I was fascinated about this website maker was the fact that it is available for free!

Yes, I did not have to make any initial investment to start my business to create website for others. All I did was use BlueVoda to create as many websites as I wanted. The only ‘drawback’ associated with using the website maker BlueVoda is that you cannot use just any host to host the websites you create. You have to use only their sister concern VodaHost to host your websites for a minimal monthly fee.

Actually, I did not think this was a ‘drawback’ as because of it, I was spared the task of looking for a compatible host for all the websites I had created. With all these benefits and reasons for using this website maker to create website for clients, I soon managed to start my own web development company.

Would you believe it or not? Within a few months’ time I had managed to earn as much as, if not more, than the amount other computer engineers earned after their spending so much time and effort learning software to create website!

So though a dullard in school, I have today established myself as a web developer, and all this was made possible by the wonderful website maker BlueVoda.

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