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If you are a mother of a small baby, you will definitely agree that today’s rising economy makes it really difficult to make ends meet. You have to pay a hefty sum for your baby’s food, clothes, diapers, medication, and vaccinations. Within just a few years time, you have the additional burden of paying for your child’s school fees and extra activities. This is when you pray for an additional source of income that can help you meet all your expenses. Getting a job is not a feasible idea as you cannot leave your baby at home while you go to work, and you cannot afford to hire a babysitter to look after your baby when you are away. So the next option you have is to look for a means of earning money from home, during your free time. Today, this is not that difficult as there are so many online job opportunities that hire people on a telecommute basis. There are many people who want articles to be written, logos to be designed and websites to be built. Writing articles takes up some time, and is not everyone’s forte while logo designing needs some creativity and knowledge. Though there are other means of earning money from home like affiliate and network marketing but I feel that you can make much more money just by learning how to create website. You may now think that you don’t have the necessary programming knowledge to create website nor the time to learn any software. However there’s some good news for you; there is now a website maker in the market that helps you create website even if you don’t know any programming language, and have just learned how to use the computer.

This website maker is none other than the great BlueVoda. This is a website maker that you can use to create website just by dragging and dropping the different elements of a website. In other words, you just have to think of a preferable layout for your websites, and you just use the website maker to drag and drop the features in their respective places. You don’t have to worry about spending time learning how to use this website maker to create website. There are a few easy to read and understandable tutorials that take you through the entire website building process, which you can read, view and learn during your free time. Though these tutorials are easy to understand to learn how to create website, there is always a chance of you having some doubts about how to create website using the website maker. In such cases, you just have to post your query on the BlueVoda support forum, and someone will answer your questions and clear up all your doubts.

In addition to this, BlueVoda website maker offers a wide range of templates for you to choose and use while you create website. As BlueVoda has no limit to the number of pages you create, you can create website that has only 5 pages, or a website that has as many as 25 pages. It is up to you to create website as per your client’s specifications, without any worry of any limitations by the website maker. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of websites you can create using the website maker. This means that once you download the free website maker, you can use it to create website or more in a day, and earn sufficient money to fend for your child’s needs.

If you are still apprehensive, and think that there is a hitch about being able to use this free website maker to create website, yes, there is. While the BlueVoda website maker is free, you have to use, and pay for the services of their sister company – VodaHost. In other words, if you create website using this website maker, you can only publish your site if you have a web hosting account with VodaHost. Actually, I would not consider this to be a hitch; I consider it to be more of a blessing in disguise as VodaHost monthly or annually fees are rather reasonably priced. Moreover, as the website maker BlueVoda has a hosting company ready to host your website once you create website and you need not go looking for a compatible hosting company for your website.

So if you are a mom who needs money to take care of your children, and cannot afford to work, you should consider using the great website maker BlueVoda to create website, and earn money for your efforts.

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