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I am Roy and run a charitable organization that helps underprivileged children from the inner city to continue their studies by providing them free books, free computers and library facilities and even free tuitions to help them overcome their difficulties in learning.  We are a small organization, with a small group of volunteers and dependent solely on donations from interested parties.  We had no cash to engage a professional website maker to create website dedicated to our goals and aspirations.  So engaging a professional website maker to create website that advertises our work to larger audience and bring in more donations was out of question.  In the beginning of the school year more funds are needed to buy necessary books, create more space to help children who do not want to drop out from school and continue with their studies to improve their future.

We were struggling for funds and there was a need to increase awareness of the services we were providing to enlarge the circle of interested parties that would help us bring in more funds and volunteers.  I was ready to give up and close our organization till a parent of a boy we had helped in the past came to see me and told me about a great website maker that would help us to create website to give information about the type of services we are providing and that may help with the cash crunch. In the beginning I was very reluctant where you can find a free website maker that helps you to create website without charging anything.  However, I was ready to do anything and tried to find more about the website maker he mentioned on my battered laptop.  I was surprised to see that what he had told me was true and that many people were able to create website through free help given by this website maker.  I tried to find time from my busy schedule to create website that highlights our services and asks help from people.

I set aside an hour a day to create website through the help of the free website maker and was amazed to see the kind of help they were giving for free. There were templates, designs of logo, website background, and expert advice to overcome difficulties.  It was not necessary to have any technical expertise, one could create website through a simple method of drag and drop given by the website maker.  They also had the facility to see that your website goes live for a small sum of money.  I experimented, wrote text with the help of templates provided by the website maker, I used designs of several logos to make a unique design that conveys the idea of our organization.  I selected a website background from the library provided by them. Soon I was able to create website that embodies all goals, our aspirations and the work we have accomplished and the work we want to do.

The next step was to see that this website goes live on the net.  The website maker also has ‘one click publishing’ option to see that the create website goes live for a minimal amount of money.  We have used that option and our website is functioning satisfactorily.
Let me tell you that we had let our imagination run wild with the templates, logo and website background; however, we had not anticipated that a lot more information is needed to satisfy people’s curiosity.  We were in dilemma to create website again or to add more pages, and the website maker came to our rescue and we were able to create new pages and link it to the original website. I discovered that I can create websites, each one highlighting one goal of our organization because this website maker allows creating unlimited number of websites.

We are very happy because we have many casual visitors; some of them have become donors.  We were not only able to overcome our cash crunch but have more funds to start new services to help under privileged children.  One project I am thinking about is to have a training program for children who are artistic and creative to create websites with the help of this wonderful website maker that may help them to select a career as a web designer or web developer.  I am looking for funds to buy more computers and an internet connection to put this dream into reality.  I am mulling to create website with the help of our wonderful website maker highlighting this project. To make your dreams come true you do not need a pot of gold, you only need a friendly website maker to create website that empowers your dreams to come true.

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