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I Designed My Own Site To Perfection

One day when I was sitting at my clinic along with my fellow doctors, I overheard that they were talking about how doctors have made their work approachable to patients by going online. These sites mention their qualifications, services and features, so that patients can trace the best doctors in a much easier way; just like a portfolio site. This was the time when I had the urge to create website. Technically, I was just a doctor and I didn’t have any idea about how to create website with a website maker. Therefore, to be online, I started to search online information about how to make mark among the 100’s of medical sites.

Here I found that to create website, first you’re going to need a domain name, and then build the site using the website maker, which follow thorough web applications, coding, HTML and a lot more. The more facts I collected the tougher the thought to create website with a website maker. I knew that I would never be able to have a site in this manner; hence I shifted my attention towards searching for the alternatives to create website. The alternatives, which would help me, fight against these tough programs. So, with my search I landed up onto the official page of BlueVoda to create website. The first thing that ignited my curiosity about BlueVoda was, the official page stated “No HTML coding needed” which meant the website maker had no coding, and that was like those four merry words that I’ve been waiting to read. With further reference and navigation I could open my account at BlueVoda to create website using this easy website maker.

Finally, I could measure my improvement to create website, this was the first step that I was taking towards developing my very own site, customized by me. After opening an account at their official page, I had received a conformation mail along with a few articles, guidelines and videos, which helped me in understanding what a website is and what are website makers. With thorough reading and understanding, I was easily able to use the control panel of BlueVoda to create website.  The control panel was packed with many things like colors, fonts, themes, templates, logos and a lot more. So, to create website I started with the template section. In the template section of the website maker I could discover some of the beautiful medical templates pretty apt for my website. I was more than happy with the template that I could find at the website maker, after adding the template to my site, I had to figure about the pages where the appropriate length and width should be mentioned, and I just clicked on the usual one, and started building other aspects of the site with the website maker.

Now, I was done with the template, the next thing that I had to handle to create website was the text. In the text part I decided of using some sort of classic font to create website. Soon after that, I typed out the name of my clinic, and along with a biography of my clinic, after that I had to create another page from the website maker which talked about the services and another page that showed the qualifications of the doctors who work in the clinic, and I did all of this blissfully with the help of the website maker. There were multiple pages on my website and every page was linked from the main page of my website from the link option at website maker. Then, I had to check the images, I used the image of the doctors at the qualification page using the drop-drag option, and then simply adding it up from your PC. Moreover, I had even included multiple images on the main page using website maker, which were linked to other pages of the site. The best part about this process was, I was able to change or review my site using the edit and preview option part of the website maker, which helped me to create website in a better way.

After handling and crafting every page of the with the website maker my site was 100% ready and my journey to create website came to an end. I had even optimized my site with rich keywords; along with a SEO ready template and images so that my site could be ranked amongst the best by various search engines. I published my site using VodaHost hosting services, and now its live with so many followers and visitors who are surprised that how could I create website from scratch. But, the credit goes only to BlueVoda.

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