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The Simplest Program to Use to Create a Site

If you run a business and want to have a successful online presence, a good website maker can be very helpful. BlueVoda website maker is an extremely user friendly website building software that does not require any programming skills or knowledge to create website. The users however need to have a VodaHost account so as to publish their websites on the World Wide Web. It is not exactly free, instead it is priced competitively and comprises of rich features.

Features Of BlueVoda Website Maker
It offers FTP clients called the Blue FTP that helps in uploading the user’s webpage and images to the host server, so there is absolutely no requirement of any other application to create website. It makes use of the drag and drop options for images and text, which makes it very convenient to use. BlueVoda website maker allows the users to customize the toolbars according to their liking; to create website the users can use the drag and drop option for this purpose, Take for instance the Menu Bar, just drag and drop it to a place you consider that it will serve better.  Usernames, sign up forms, recovery passwords can also be used to create website using BlueVoda website maker.

Image galleries and flash videos can also be inserted with this website maker.  Also, it is easy to create a web shop in a similar way. It also offers video tutorials to help the users with their website building, just when they are getting started.   Leaving aside the Menu bar, there are seven other toolbars that include HTML, Standard, Advanced and Extra Tools, Form fields and formats and align. Each of these toolbars have various options as well, which can be personalized by making use of the add and remove buttons, as and when needed.

Let us take for instance, Extra tools which allows adding banners, ad banner rotators, image roll-overs and photo galleries, when we talk about each toolbar it may take away the pleasure of program discovery, so it is suggested to make use of the video tutorials that are placed at the left lower corner on the interface to create website and you will be a pro at it soon. Templates play an important role to create website and BlueVoda could not lag behind in this regard, it offers a range of templates to choose from and they can also be installed from the website and used. The website maker also allows addition of e-commerce features that include YouTube Videos, RealPlayer, Rollover buttons, guest books and quick pay buttons to create website.

The templates provided by the website maker have a variety of niches and one can choose according to their preferences. The templates provided are attractive, which is a great way to attract the audience to the website without putting in much effort. The templates by the website maker can be easily modified and personalized by making changes in the properties of every page on the website with just a few clicks. The multimedia editor does not just include inserting images and videos but also offers streaming as well to create website. Another great feature about this website maker would be the ability to create unlimited pages, without having to pay an additional fee. The users will be easily able to create websites, as many as they need. In terms of support, BlueVoda website maker has support center and video tutorials to offer. The video tutorials are easy to use and understand, while the support center is very co-operative.

The Pros of BlueVoda Website Maker:

1.    It offers a very powerful editor.
2.    Has a variety of great features which include flash integration.
3.    It is free of use.
4.    The website maker allows building unlimited web pages.
5.    One can create website and customize it according to their preferences.
6.    It offers good templates.
7.    Video tutorials serve a great help for beginners, offer a good learning curve to create website.
8.    The website maker does not require any programming skills.
9.    Provides with simple methods for e-commerce implementation to create website.
10.    It is extremely user-friendly and helps create website in as less as 30 minutes.

Final Verdict
BlueVoda is a small program, with a good user interface which is highly customizable and very simple to use.  Additionally, it is free to use, create website and the user wishes to publish their website over the World Wide Web, they need to have a VodaHost account well-priced. If you wish to have a website without investing much money and putting in many efforts, BlueVoda website maker would be the ideal choice for you. It is fun to use, and if you really are interested to create website, hit it!

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