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I have always liked using the internet, but never actually thought about creating websites. I had never learned any computer skills as there was no need for this, being the entrepreneur I am. However it was when I decided I needed to create website for myself that I thought about building websites.

The first thing that came to mind at that moment was to hire a professional web design company to create website for me as they were professionals and it was their job to create websites. However I was also a bit apprehensive about this idea as I found their rates to be rather expensive to just create website. Moreover I learned from many friends that not always were these web designers very professional at designing websites.

This was when I heard about website makers, specifically about the great website maker, BlueVoda. Being a novice with computers, I wasn’t actually keen on using a website maker to create website as I did not have the time or patience to learn any code or programing language to use the website maker.

However as my friends mentioned to me just try out the website maker, I decided to pay the site a visit, and am really grateful about it. I found out that this is a website maker that is unlike most of the website makers found in the market. For one thing, this website maker is free, which means I don’t have to spend any money just to try the tool. So as I had nothing to lose, this gave me an added reason to try this website maker.

Secondly, BlueVoda is really easy to use. There is no need of knowing any programming language or any code to use it to create website. The instructions are not only so easy to follow that even a five year old can follow it to create website.

Supposing you do come across any complications or doubts while you create website, you just have to turn to their efficient computer support team for help. Your query is answered in a matter of minutes. Moreover, there is also a forum you can post your queries on, which ends up getting answered by one of the many other members of the forum within a short time span.

To make things easier to create website, BlueVoda offers many tutorial videos that teach you how to create website. Just one look at the videos is enough to find out and learn how to set up and create website and repeat the same sequence to build your website.

All you have to do, to create website using this website maker is to drag and drop the different elements of the website to its respective places. There is a library full of various website templates you can choose from to use on your website, giving yet another reason to use BlueVoda for your website building needs.

There is also a library full of themes the website maker offers for you to use in your website layout. This way, you can also customize the theme to so that you can implement your own style, text and logos to your website.

Besides helping you with the creating of a website, BlueVoda goes a step ahead by helping you publish your site live and thus making it accessible to the internet world. This is because while the website maker is free, you have to pay for and use only the services of their web hosting sister concern, VodaHost. Though you have to pay a small fee for their web hosting services, it is worth it as you need not go hunting for an affordable host for your new website.

With the help of BlueVoda, I not only learned how to create website for myself, with practice, I pretty soon learned how to build websites by the hour. I would say that it is better and faster to design your website using a website maker than hiring a professional web designer to create website for you.

This is because you can customize your website using the different tools and features of the website maker to meet your ideas and specifications. This is something some web designers cannot achieve, no matter how many times they make rectifications while they work to create website.

And as you have guessed it, being the entrepreneur I am, I slowly started offering my own web designing services once I mastered the use of this great website maker. So today, web designing is another addition to the list of many entrepreneur businesses I have started and am running with ardent fervor.

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