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How to Choose the Right Website Maker

My current website was so basic and boring that I was not crazy about it. I needed to create website that was actually worthy of the business that I was promoting. I originally used a basic website maker that gave me monotonous templates to choose from, which in the end it looked generic and as a result I wasn’t getting much site traffic. A friend of mine shared something with me that if I wanted my business to be successful, I needed to use a successful website maker. She recommended BlueVoda website maker as I needed to create website that would look professional and exciting.

When I first downloaded BlueVoda, I was shocked that it was free because of all the features it had to offer. I had never seen a website maker with so many features to choose from. I was instantly excited by what I would be able to create. I could create website to truly showcase my business and give me the competitive edge I craved for. The problem that I had with my old website is that it was boring. I had a basic template and it looked like every other website out there. I had to create website that looked better. The only problem was that I didn’t know any HTML or any other computer languages but this is not a problem with BlueVoda. The BlueVoda website maker also includes hundreds of templates to choose from in virtually every category. I was able to not only find a great looking template but when I wanted to create website with a particular color theme, it was no problem at all.

One aspect that I really love about BlueVoda is that it’s a website maker that is easy to use. One of the reasons I had create website that I wasn’t pleased with in the beginning was because I had no experience with websites and I didn’t know any better. My way of thinking has changed completely. Now I can create website that looks very professional because BlueVoda helps me every step of the way. There were a few areas that I was clueless about. I had to resize some images and had no clue how to do it in order to create website. With BlueVoda and their website maker, they made it easy for me to learn. They have a ton of how-to videos that I can view over and over again. The videos are easy to learn from and I have since been able to create website that I can be proud of.

Not too many website maker products out there are free to download. Everyone wants to charge you a ton of money to use their product. I didn’t have much money to dedicate to website design, which is ultimately why I ended up designing my own website. Otherwise I wouldn’t have used a website maker to create website and I would have hired a professional. BlueVoda is such a great website maker that I see now it’s not necessary for me to spend the money with a professional web designer, even if I had the extra money. Since I got started with BlueVoda, I have been able to add many pages to my website and each page has been free to create. I can create website with all the content that I need to focus on SEO and to attract as many visitors as possible. Within minutes, I was able to use the website maker to launch my website and have it go live. After I learned to create website and launch it from the website maker, I have seen a lot more traffic. In the three months that my site has been up and running, I see an average of 1,000 users in a week. Before that when I had to create website with the old website maker, I would have been lucky to see 100 users in a month. Needless to say, business has been booming for me since I got a professional website up and running.

There’s no other website maker that I would use. BlueVoda has shown me that it’s possible to create website that I can be proud of. One of the best feelings in the world is to get a compliment on my website and have the satisfaction of saying I designed it myself. I would recommend this website maker to anyone who wants to create website that looks personalized and professional. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars with a web designer because BlueVoda has it all.

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