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So you want to create website and do not want to hire professionals to do it. There are now many website maker around which you can use even if you don’t have any programming or coding language.

Another option you have to create website is to buy a hosting package and domain name, and then build an offline program creating HTML files. Of the lot, I feel that the best option is to build a website for free, using a web based website maker like BlueVoda for the following reasons.

First and foremost, you don’t have any risk to create website as you need not pay anything for the website maker. Unlike other website makers which require that you provide a credit card on signing up, this website maker does not require any commitment on your part. The only commitment you need to make is that once you create website, you have to use BlueVoda sister concern, VodaHost to host your website for a meager monthly or yearly fee.

All you need to provide to the website maker to use it is your name and email address, and
you can create website without spending any money at all. You can thus learn how to use the website maker without having to spend money and risk not being able to build websites.

The best feature I feel about using BlueVoda to create website is that you don’t need to know any technical skills to build a website. Within a few hours of signing up, you will be able to write your content, upload photos and create website. With a website maker you no longer need to wait for a custom website design as you can customize and create website on your own.

Another reason I prefer using BlueVoda to create website is that I can customize and build a website as required. You don’t have to pay and wait for a web developer to build a website for yourself. You just have to start to build a website, upload all the content you wish to add to it, and construct your own website suiting your needs.

I feel that with a website maker, it is now possible to create website at a very cheap rate, without spending much money. All I needed, and used to build a website was a computer, internet connection, BlueVoda and of course, my imagination. In no way did I depend on another person’s ability or creativity to create website for myself.

One very important reason and benefit to use a website maker to create website is that you can do any editing to the website by yourself. No longer do you have to wait for a web developer to do it for you.

You just have to log in to the website maker, make all the necessary changes and publish all the changes to the internet anytime you want. I found this feature especially useful to me as I keep on adding and changing content and photos on my website. As I sell products on my website, I have to keep on adding new photos and content about my new products to the website.

Last, but not least,  I have started using BlueVoda to create website after looking around and comparing rates and features of many website maker and web designers. All my research has led to my final conclusion, which is that it’s much cheaper using this website maker to build a website instead of buying your own hosting and domain name. It’s definitely much cheaper than hiring a web design company.

You need not wait for anyone to create website. You just have to download the website maker to your computer with a click of a link and start using it. It didn’t take me long to learn how to use BlueVoda to create website, only a few hours. These two hours proved to be the best and wisest investment of my time as it taught me how to build a website.
I thus not only designed a website for my personal use, but also made money creating websites for others! There’s no limit to the number of websites created using the website maker, making it a wise investment indeed!

So if you need a website, and are indecisive about hiring a web developer or making your own customized website, I suggest using BlueVoda. You can not only make your own website with it, your customized website is free!

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