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I would definitely name BlueVoda as the world’s best website maker. I have used BlueVoda website maker to create website and I must say I’m floored by the easy technique and style of the website maker. You do not need the services of a website maker, you can create website yourself and even enjoy the process.  I live in a very picturesque location in the lap of the Himalayas. We have a gigantic lake here in my town and my grandfather is a boatman. Every year our town is flooded with tourists. We own a beautiful Houseboat. My father died many years ago and since then my grandpa has taken over the houseboat. But he is very old and unable to attract the tourists to guests at our Houseboat. He is unable to go out and promote the Houseboat. I wanted to help him but he ordered me to just concentrate on my studies.   So I decided to help him without telling him.

The problem is my town is small and not so well educated. Nobody knows much about the internet.  I discussed it with my friends but the people are more interested in living amidst the luxury of the Hotels. The Houseboat is an attraction of the past perhaps. I was sitting thinking about this one day when one of my teachers came and asked about my problem. He instantly said “Why don’t you create website?” He said that these days that the best tool for propagating one’s business was to create website. I was stunned, in my town when people rarely read newspapers, this gentleman was asking me to create website! However I agreed with him but where would I get a website maker in this small town? And even if I went to a major city connected with my town, it would be too costly. Plus the website maker would ask for a big sum.  Oh! There were so many problems! In addition I was not that of a grown up that my grandpa would allow me to travel that long distance alone.

But teachers are teachers, he said “Why do you want to hire a website maker and create website yourself”. I was surprised by what he said “Create website myself?” “How was that possible, I was no website maker and I did not know how to create website”, I said.  Then he told me to get the help of an automated website maker. My Sir graciously lent me his computer. I checked out the website maker but it was so complicated to create website. Added to it, they had a big fee attached to it.  I thought how to search a website maker which was easy to create website and at the same time less expensive.  After much searching, I came across BlueVoda and I was so happy.  BlueVoda had free of cost Logos, Web Page Backgrounds and Templates. The best thing was that BlueVoda was absolutely free to create website. BlueVoda also had the option to insert streaming flash and plug-ins scripts to the website.

I immediately downloaded and installed BlueVoda to create website.  After the installation of BlueVoda, a work area appeared to create website. All the accessories like inbox, sign up, and shopping carts etc., were given as Icons. The Drag & Drop function of BlueVoda helped me to place them. For the rest, the BlueVoda website maker had video tutorials to help me. The Customer Care of BlueVoda was there, to clear all my doubts.

Wow! I was able to create website within some hours and it was a fantastic website. I had uploaded the beautiful photographs of my town, my houseboat and the details of my houseboat. My Sir told me that it was essential to get a web hosting account to bring the website live on the net. My website maker helped me with it and viola! My website was online in a few hours.

We were on the brink of tourist season and the response was very important. However, God is great. A few days later, I got a call from a tourist to register the houseboat for him. After that, my houseboat was booked by tourists for the full season. My grandpa told me that it had happened for the first time. We were so happy. All this was possible because of the powerful assistance of BlueVoda website maker. BlueVoda is indeed the best website maker to create website!

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