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Ted, generally known as Teddy to his friends, was a scholarship student, struggling to meet ends meet on a meagre amount that just covered his semester fees and dormitory charges, leaving him with no money to spend on other necessities.  He worked part time in a diner, cut people’s lawns, ran errands, but was always chronically short of money.  He had an old laptop, and apart from his unfailing belief in hard work, he had a healthy curiosity about the various strands of knowledge. Jim loved to use the internet in his spare time, searching, reading, going through websites was his hobby and a way to relax from a demanding life. One day when he was casually surfing through the internet he came across the website of a website maker who claimed that by using their software people can create website without spending any money. This was something novel, a website maker that claims one can create website without spending money. Ted was curious, he decided to create website of his own highlighting his part time job skills to a bigger audience with the help of this website maker.

Ted listened to the videos provided by the website maker, he went through the templates that gave different website backgrounds, looked at the designs of the logos, that gave him a thorough training to create website. He patiently experimented with drag and drop method, noted that the website maker does not use a complicated software to create websites.  When he was confident enough to create website that show cased his skills he started working on building his website. However, he faced one serious problem, he felt his skills as an expert lawn mower, and a tireless waiter were not interesting to draw visitors to his newly created website.  He tried through using background and header templates provided by the website maker to create website that would suitably show case his abilities as a good lawn mower or a reliable waiter. He felt that these were not the skills that would help in his future career or get him part time jobs. He decided to shift gears and highlight something that fetches him more money and to create website with the help of website maker that would interest greater audience, tell them that he has the patience and perseverance to be a good researcher. He patiently searched through the tools provided by the website maker to achieve his goal to create website that is more suitable

The story of Ted’s transformation from a waiter and part time lawn mower to a successful researcher became a family legend.  It started with the awareness that he was wasting his time and effort doing work that does not use his skills and abilities spurred Ted to change the course in the middle and made him search for something more suitable that would suit his newly created website. He decided to showcase his skill to do extensive research on any topics, describe them and present them in a comprehensible way to different types of audience. With hard effort and the use of many tools provided by the website maker he was successful. He was able to create website that appealed to a more sophisticated audience. He used logos, templates, headers, drag and drop method given by the website maker to create website that reflected his personality admirably.  With the help of one click publishing facilities provided by the website maker, he waited with a baited breath to see if his newly created website to work wonders.

Soon orders for research trickled in, his ability to research and write created a base of satisfied customers who recommended him to their own group of friends and acquaintances. Ted gave up his other jobs and decided to concentrate on expanding his online business. He decided to add pages to his website; the website maker again came to his rescue. He discovered that he can add pages to the website without paying any extra money. He added more pages to the website he had created earlier. The website maker allowed him to create websites on several topics.  He divided the topics for research in different categories and created a website for each category, soon he had many new websites that covered different categories.  The footsteps on his topic grew exponentially and soon he had a list of clients that placed repeated orders.

Ted owns a successful enterprise that employs many people who use the website maker that Ted had discovered to create website for a long list of clients, including many prestigious organizations.  The organizations find it more economical to outsource their eCommerce activities to Ted’s firm and he uses the skills he has learnt when he create website for his own business with the help of website maker, to create website that highlight the policies and goals of his clients.

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