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Berry was a bright kid, his parents and teachers expected a lot from him, they hoped that he would become a successful lawyer, or maybe an engineer or even a doctor.  However, Berry had other ideas about his life.  He wanted to be his own master, build a business empire, but without any capital it was an uphill task.  He started with nothing but high energy, big dreams and plenty of ideas.  Berry wanted to start a unique home delivery service where customers place their orders through the internet on a created website and pay at the time of its delivery. A small amount would be levied as a service charge. This business idea was entirely dependent on the internet, Berry needed to create website  for his business, to do that he needed a reliable website maker.  Berry knew that a professional website maker  would charge a lot of money to create website for his business; and he simply did not have enough funds to engage one. He asked his friends and acquaintances if they knew of any website maker  who could create website for a nominal sum of money. He almost gave up the idea of setting up the business, till he heard of a website maker who could create website without charging a huge amount of money.

One day Berry’s friends asked him to try BlueVoda.  He heard of this website maker  who helped many entrepreneurs to create website to suit their specific business. He learned from his friend that it is easy to handle the software and it was free.  Berry decided to give the project of create website,  another try; he searched for a site on the internet downloaded the software from the website maker on his personal computer.  Soon he was enraptured by the variety of logos, background pages and headers for the website.

Berry had no background of the technology required to create website, but with an easy method of ‘Drag and Drop’  templates, fancy background, and a lot of material provided to make headers  by this website maker, he slowly managed to create website which was totally suitable for his innovative  business idea.

Berry discovered that he could create a number of web pages which list the products stocked by his business.  He created a separate link for each type of merchandise, the customers could pick up the product and link it to their order on the main website page.  He found that he could create a number of pages easily and link it to the website he created.  He used different background provided by the website maker for each different category of product, for example, for the vegetables and fruits he picked up a background which reflect the colors of earth, while for washing powder he provided a background of waves washing and cleaning the clothes.   The free training videos on the website of the website maker helped him tremendously. Sometimes he was clueless how to proceed; however he could contact by email the website maker and the experts helped him to proceed further. Berry found that he could easily go on live on the internet with “one click publishing” facility provided by BlueVoda. He watched proudly as his newly created website became live on the internet.

Berry is now a proud owner of a business which is growing steadily and rapidly. He managed to  create website with the help of  the website maker which not only looks attractive and professional, but also helps him in sorting out the orders very efficiently within a very short time. It also helps him keep inventory of products, tells him which product move faster, this in turn helps him to order and stock fast moving items. His customers are satisfied and place repeat orders with him.

Berry found himself advising other young entrepreneurs to create websites with the help of this versatile and easy to use website maker. He is not only a successful business person, but holds a central stage during all social functions where he advises his friends and acquaintances how to create website with the help of website maker provided by BlueVoda easily.  He tells them to  create website  and they do not need to know rocket science because there is a good website maker available which helps them to set up the presence of their business on the cyber place. He announces to his admiring audience that he engaged the world’s best website maker to create website for him.

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