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Marina never thought that a thrift shop for a business would be such a success for her that she even had to hire a staff to answer phone calls from people inquiring about new arrivals and rare finds. Realizing the amount of attention that her loyal customers are giving to the clothes, furniture, children’s toys, vinyl records and other pre-loved items that her thrift shop houses, she knew that she needed a way to serve them better. She knew well enough what the buyers wanted to have. This is the kind of experience that she wanted to impart to her buyer: a fervent feeling that is well represented by her products.

Her husband was the one who keenly suggested that they create website to showcase their products. This is for the best interest of their business to reach more customers. Marina was hesitant at first but agreed to create website after careful consideration. However, her husband could not help her because he was away working for a private company. Fortunately, Marina found out about BlueVoda as a website maker. She learned from a customer who had already tried this user-friendly website maker that it is used to create website.

Marina typed the keyword on Google and then started reading testimonials and acclaims for the BlueVoda website maker. She discovered that more and more small-scale businesses create website to promote their products and services on the internet. Thrilled with the prospect of attracting more customers to engage with her thrift shop, she began reading more information about the website maker and how it could create website in just 30 minutes.

“BlueVoda, please be worth it,” Marina said to herself while sending the email. In less than a minute, she then received the download link for the BlueVoda website maker through her email. After downloading and installing the website maker software, she intuitively navigated through the menus of the application and discovered how easy it is to create website through BlueVoda.

The company name here, pictures there and descriptions along the line. After dragging-and-dropping the pictures and positioning the image and text objects on the website maker screen, she had a clear preview of how her first website was going to look like. With the same website maker application, she then added a form for customers to fill out for inquiries about new products, feedback and reviews. She didn’t know that she could create website in such speed. BlueVoda allowed her to create website the way she wanted it.

For the first time after establishing her thrift shop, Marina felt like she is actually moving her business forward. Thanks to BlueVoda website maker for allowing her to create website without the hassles and expenses of a conventional website maker. With the help of this easy-to-use website maker, her online site went live the day after she signed up, garnering over a thousand views. That is huge for a starter to have such number of visits from people searching for pre-loved items within the state. She was astounded of the new direction her business is taking without the need to ask help from her husband on how to create website.

After learning how to create website using BlueVoda, Marina has always trusted the website maker program. This user-friendly website maker allowed her to update the website on her own just by using basic commands like “copy”, “cut”, “paste” as well as the “drag” and “drop” actions. It feels just like she’s just playing, but on the contrary, her website is no kids’ stuff. It looks chic, presentable and appealing, as if it was done by a commissioned website maker. Her husband was so impressed that his wife was able to create website from the ground up without his help.

Months passed and the small-town thrift store was already selling online. Marina saw it coming as her customers nearly tripled when she started receiving emails and personal recommendations about having to separately create website for online shopping. Again, instead of seeking help from professional web builders, Marina started adding an online ordering system to her existing website. It felt like the right thing to do and it seemed like she had done it before because she did not have any hard time in the process.

That is not the last time Marina was able to use the remarkable features of BlueVoda website maker. She encouraged her friends to create website for their businesses, so that they can enjoy the same success she is having for her thrift shop. You, too, can create website like Marina did. Try BlueVoda now.

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