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The Overall Feature of BlueVoda as a Website maker

Having a web presence is essential for any company to succeed in our competitive times. However, for an entrepreneur like me it was difficult to hire a professional to create website, because I also had a tight budget. I was constraint on a budget, but did not want to settle down on a basic website; I wanted a professional website for my bike modification business. With limited capital and resources, I found the website maker from BlueVoda a great help to create website. I was able to download it free of cost. I was able to add contents and create website for free. The download package is light and is 4.3 megabytes in size, and this provided me the scope for an easy download. It is a dependable website maker to create website for even a technically layman like me.

Economical option in hand

Cost factor is one of the many advantages of this platform and it provided me a kind of added benefits in the startup. There is just no need to understand complete HTML language to create website using this platform. You can use website maker to create sites that will look just like a seasoned developer. However, while in the process a little knowledge about terms like Navigation Bar, Flash, ActiveX controls and Image Map helped me to better use these features. It kind of added to my website maker experience and with an easy user interface creating the interface became fun and interesting for me.

User friendly interface

Another important aspect that appealed me was the drag and drop option. The contents can be placed in customized templates, and it is easy to add pages, pictures and graphics. One of the features of website maker is that it comes up with animation tool and flash. All these features made it easy for me to create website. The user friendly interface assures that we can create website within no time and I was able to upload all the contents in seconds with the website maker. It acts as a great platform when you create website for the first time.

Features and advantage

One of the important things that I wanted was a good template. A nice and engaging template is important for a business like me. When I visited BlueVoda website maker portal to acquire some amazing designs I was able to find a number of options to create a customized setting. There are extra tools that allow you to create website and elaborate many functions. I was able to add banners and customized rollovers. It is great for a business like me to use a lot of images and describe about my specialty. With the ad banner rotators and picture gallery, the website maker comes as a handy tool for adding customized features. There are a lot of features that can be added and removed when you create website. It helps to build a strong interface.

Complete support process

The support system is another highlight of this platform. I got great tips and help from the video tutorials. A twenty-four-hour helpline is also there for the users. They address any issue and provide the right solution. Overall the interface is very easy and a person whether he is technically sound or no can use this website maker with great ease.  You do not have to invest money and wait for a developer to come up with your idea, as with this you can give shape to your ideas. With the website maker, you can look at a fast process and your site is ready to show in front of the world. The interface allows you to create website that looks professional.

For better security

There is an added feature known as Blue FTP, and this I got to know from the helpline. It uses BlueVoda server to enable File Transfer Protocol. It adds to the safety of your portal. While you create website, with its help you can look forward to an integrated interface. Another feature of website maker that came in handy for me is the powerful editor that it has. You do not have to go deep into the contents when you create website. The stable interface of website maker did most of the magic for me. You get premium support and installation for free and can choose affordable themes, and therefore website maker brings down the cost to a great extent.

Customization of templates

The template zone of the platform is filled with hundreds of customized layouts. I found the website maker templates attractive enough to provide an edge from my completion. The best part is that you can add content as per your conception while you create website. You can modify the templates of the website maker with ease and add specifications that are unique to your organization. For my business, graphics and video was very important while I create website, and the interface provides the right multimedia support. With the help of these tools, I was able to set a great platform for my business and I would surely recommend it for people who do not want to compromise on professional quality.

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