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The internet is ever expanding with an increased number of people creating and requiring websites on a regular basis. However the problem is that not everyone can create website as and when required as they don’t know any programming language.

Of course, they can always hire a professional web developer to create website for them. However sometimes the developer cannot scheme the actual message and picture the website owner wants to project.

In such situations, the next option website owners have is to consider using a website maker to create website. However the problem here once again is that most of the website makers on the net today are not so easy to use. Most of them require knowledge of some program or the other, making it difficult for novices to use these website makers to create website.

Amongst this lot of website makers, there is however one website maker that can be used by anyone; a 10 year old child or a 70 year senior citizen to create website. This is none other than BlueVoda, a great drag and drop website maker. This website maker is so great that anyone with no or little experience can use it to create website.

There is no need of knowing any HTML or coding language to use this website maker. All the website owner has to do is drag and drop the different elements of the web page to its designated place on the web page. With the help of the website maker, it is possible to create not only a simple homepage, but also a beautiful multi-page website.

The additional benefit of using this website maker to create website is that it comes with various pre-designed website templates. This means that the website owner need not have to spend time designing a web page. All that has to be done is choose the best template that the website owner likes and use it to create website.

Of course, the only disadvantage of using BlueVoda to create website with these templates is that the created website may not always be unique. There is always the probability of someone out there using the same template of the website maker to create their own website.

However as the likelihood of two people using the same templates with the same content, pictures and layout is rather low. So with some creativity in terms of content and color of the template, it is possible to make the same template look attractive and unique and thus create website that is unique.

Website owners using the pre-designed templates just have to visit the image library of BlueVoda, where they can download hundreds of free logos, templates, website headers and website backgrounds to create website that is both special and unique.

Not only are there so many clear step-by-step video tutorials teaching how to use the website maker, there is also a community forum users can visit to find answers to their queries. Any problems faced while using the website maker just has to be mentioned in the community forum and other BlueVoda users will try their best to provide answers and help overcome these problems.

Another great thing about using BlueVoda to create website is that it can be easily saved on the desktop as it does not use much memory space. So website owners can easily store the website maker on their computers, to be used as and when required to create website.
Moreover, as there is no limit to the number of webpages and websites created using the website maker, having it on the computer helps save time and does not hamper one’s creativity while designing websites.

BlueVoda comes with a great sister concern hosting company, VodaHost. To some this may be an advantage and to others, a disadvantage. This is because once a website is created using BlueVoda, the website has to be hosted by VodaHost and no other web host.

To the novice website owner, not having to look for a web host and having to pay a minimal fee for using the web host after they create website proves to be an advantage. However in case of professional website owners who already have a web host to depend on for hosting their websites, this can be a problem. Of course, if VodaHost offers their web hosting services at a lower cost, one can always shift to this web host for their web hosting needs.

With BlueVoda around, anyone can now create website as they require, in the comfort of their homes, without depending on web developers for a website.

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