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How to Build a Website the Easy Way

If you ask me what is better, hiring a web developer to create website for you or to use a website maker, I would always suggest the use of a website maker. This is because I have come across a great website maker that anyone and everyone can use to create website. This website maker is none other than BlueVoda.

This is a great website maker where unlike the other top website makers you find in the online market today, this website maker works without operating through your browser. To use the website maker you have to first download it, which is very easy to do.
All you have to do is fill in their instant download form with simple details like your first name and email address, and you are provided with your download link and other required instructions to download and use this valuable online resource to create website.

I consider BlueVoda a great website maker to use to create website as it is so easy to use, unlike other online tools. There are no confusing instructions to follow, or the need of any computer programming knowledge or code to learn to use when to create website.
BlueVoda offers a set of video tutorials that you have to follow to learn how to create website using the tool. These tutorials offer you lots of helpful suggestions you can use when you create website that range from introductory tips and even ends with help at setting your ecommerce shopping cart.

In addition to easy instructions, in case you do come across any doubts when you start to create website, you can just turn to their online customer support team for help. There is also an online forum that always has other members like you on it, either looking for help or trying to help other members in trouble. You just have to post your queries you face while you create website on the forum and you usually find answers in a short time span.

Besides offering easy tutorials and great customer support, BlueVoda offers you image, template and menu buttons libraries for you to access and use while you create website. Using the help of all this you can size your website pages, insert texts and shapes as required, set up page properties and set up color or image backgrounds for your pages as required.

You can also use BlueVoda to set up your specific page properties and link all the pages of your website together. All this is done just by dragging and dropping the different elements of your website while you create website.

BlueVoda is indeed a free website maker. However it is not enough for you to just download their software to create website and go live. It is important that you have and use only a VodaHost web hosting account to publish your website.

So while the website maker is free, you have to pay reasonable fees to the website maker’s sister web hosting concern, VodaHost. This can be a boon to the newbie who does not have any preferred web host for hosting their websites as you are saved the time you would have spent looking for a suitable host.

However this can be a hindrance that you will have to get used to if you are a professional web designer who prefers using this website maker to create website, but have already enlisted the help of another hosting company to get your websites live.

In addition to using their sister concern for web developing purposes, you also have to get a domain name for your website to go live. It is up to you to decide if you want to do this through VodaHost or if you prefer looking elsewhere.

I also consider BlueVoda to be a great website maker as there is no limit to the number of web pages you make when you create website. In addition to this, there is no restriction to the number of websites you create using the tool. As long as there is the need, BlueVoda provides you with the help and requirements to create as many websites as you need and as possible.

So if you ask me, I will always prefer using a website maker like BlueVoda to create website than hiring professionals. Not only is this a cheaper option, I am assured I end up with the website I am looking for, and are happy with.

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