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I am currently a student, and studying for my master’s degree. I have a student loan which pays for college fees, but have no spare cash for other necessities of life. I did part time work occasionally, but it was not possible to take up full time work because I needed to attend classes and work on my assignments as well. Life was full of struggles till someone suggested to try working with online projects, working on accounts and helping clients to plan a budget, and generally help them to keep proper accounts of expenditure and income. This was easy for me as I am majoring in corporate finance. However, after placing free advertisement on various sites I realized that in order to attract prospective customers I needed to create website. This was sound advice but I thought to create website one needs a professional website maker, which appeared to be an expensive proposition. Until a friend told me about BlueVoda website maker that would help me to create website myself by following the step by step advice given by them.

I wasted no time and immediately went to BlueVoda website, and was able to a create website by following instructions given by them. I also found that website maker gives several options to create website, depending on one’s requirements, type of business, kind of product, targeted customer segment etc. At each step the website maker made my job to develop website easier.

I went through the excellent tutorials of how to create website provided by the website maker. They also have a unique library of predesigned logos and after exploring and experimenting clip art templates provided by them I was able to create an original and innovative logo for my business. The website maker also has templates and data bank to help me create website with suitable text, art work and background themes. I was thrilled with the aids provided by the website maker, and the short time and effort it took me to create website to advertise my business online. What is more BlueVoda also helped me to publish my website on the internet. They have this very intriguing button, which gets you connected on the net in a jiffy.

My business picked up immediately and I was able to generate enough business to study and work at the same time. After some time I realized that though I was able to design my website through the help provided by the website maker I needed to add extra features to my website. I again went back to the website maker either to create a new website or add new pages to the old one. BlueVoda website maker again came to my rescue and provided solutions to my problem. Through the help of experts I managed to add new pages to my website. There was no need to create website afresh.

I feel satisfied with my website and through the help of BlueVoda website maker and have become something of an expert, able to create website with ease. I can say with surety to any amateur who wants to create website to receive help from website maker and very soon he will be performing like a professional and will develop an ability to create website.

I live a very comfortable and contented life now. I have sufficient money to take care of my immediate needs and can select projects I would like to do easily, all thanks to website maker. My future plans have changed and now I plan to continue free lancing after I finish my Masters. Why not! I have a base of satisfied customers and a lucrative business which I hope to expand further after I graduate college. I may plan to create website through the help of website maker in future or continue with the old one with modifications. This is something which only the future will decide on but one thing is certain now that I am not apprehensive about the future, unlike other students who need to search for suitable jobs my career path is clear, thanks to the help provided by website maker who helped me to create website.

I plan to build on the base of satisfied customers and start my own business which I hope grows substantially. I would not have found my career path so easily if I had not thought of receiving help from BlueVoda. Thanks to their library of themes and backgrounds, their easy to follow tutorials, their interactive methodology I was able to create website which kick started my business.

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