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Once I was reading an article about how millions of people have started their online business and attained financial freedom. After all, who likes working nine to five under a boss! However, while most dream of attaining financial freedom, only a handful really put their thoughts into action. I wanted to be among the latter. My life was not that great. I had a decent job, but by the end of the month I had nothing left. Most of my money would go towards the rent, taxes and other basic expenses. It was only every couple of months that I would be able to take my wife for a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. My dream was to go on a vacation to Europe. However, I never could save enough money for anything. I tried making some extra money part-time during the weekends that did not do much good. That is why I wanted to try the online business approach. I had read that an online business model does not require much capital. Besides, one can start an online business without having a ‘real’ office. I had many ideas in my mind as which online business to start. My friends always said I made a good advice giver. Reflecting on this, I decided to create website to start an online business where I could advise people on their financial doubts. I was all set to become a financial consultant. I had a degree in finance, and more than 10 year experience in the financial domain. I decided to give this idea a serious thought. I wrote down on paper all the things I would need to run this business. It all boiled down to one basic thing- create website.

This way I started my search for a website maker who can help me create website. I found that people charged a bomb to create website, and the worst part was that I was not willing to spend big money trying to create website. This led my search in another direction. I started looking for an automated website maker programs on how to create website. A search on Google flashed across several website maker programs to create website. I was confused as which website maker program was the best to create website. My decision was based on aspects such as cost of the website maker program, its ease of use, support, and overall popularity ranking. I would say that I found some really nice website maker programs to create website. However, none of them could address all the aspects that I laid down earlier. Some were not expensive, but required adequate technical knowledge to operate. Others were easy to use, but were quite expensive. I decided not to give up and started searching for other website maker programs to create website.

One day, as I was browsing the internet I came across a website maker called BlueVoda. I visited the website of this website maker, and read everything they had to say. There was a video that talked about how to create website using the BlueVoda website maker. Additionally, I searched for reviews of this website maker on the Internet, and tried to find out whether this website maker could really help create website without any hassle. I found quite a large number of reviews about this software. Many of the reviews raved about the ease of use and other features. I decided to give it a try.

I was so excited to download the BlueVoda website maker. My first attempt at using this software to create website turned out to be a great experience. What I found cool was that the website maker was quite easy not only to create website but to design it too. The user interface was really simple, and I did not have to stress my eyes or mind to find out features of this website maker. Even though I had no knowledge of HTML to create website it allowed me to build my website without any stress it was more fun than anything. The drag and drop functionality was really simple and very useful. The image library they offer had innumerable designs and templates. This website maker did not waste my time with ads and popups. I could create unlimited web pages using the BlueVoda website maker.  In short, this software helped me establish my own website in just a few hours.

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