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I am Jerry, and I am an expert in repairing and fine tuning racing cars.  I have a list of good clients, including some emerging racing stars are also my clients, they are connected with various car manufacturers they always include me in their teams as a consultant.  My family has a middle class background, they looked down on what they considered a blue collar jobs, but I always loved tinkering with cars and adjusting, changing and fiddling, my father described as perfectly good cars. When I grew up I took a suitable white collar job, but continued with my hobby, tinkering with cars.  I studied in my free time and became an expert in racing cars.  Finally, I managed to save enough money to open a workshop. I gave up my white color job, but after buying special equipment I was left with little money to conduct an advertisement campaign to highlight my specialty and skills.  As we all know that no business can survive without advertisement, the days of business flourishing on personal contact alone are gone forever, and I needed a professional website maker to create website to advertise my services and enable me to reach the prospective customers who needed my special skills. I started my search to find a website maker who would help create website to advertise my services.

I knew it was not easy to find a website maker who would create website that highlights my services.  My business was in the infancy stage and I did not have enough money to get a consultant who would find a suitable website maker to create website for me.  Then my friend told me about this wonderful website maker who had helped many struggling businessmen.  Their free software helped many struggling young people to create websites.
I found the website of the website maker through internet research and planned to download the free software that would help me to create website for my business.  I avidly looked through the library of website maker and realized that it contained hundreds of free logos, templates, webpage backgrounds that are necessary to create website.  I started the work to create a website by using the drag and drop method of web design provided by the website maker.  I went through the free video tutorials provided by the website maker, and through these tutorials I was able to create website that was unique and highlighted my expertise in building racing cars.

After the website was ready I was able to go online by paying nominal fee with one click publishing options provided by the website maker.  I was also able to create website which has multi page that are linked with the main website, each page gave extra information about the type of the service rendered by my workshop.  As soon as the website went live, I was inundated with customers who needed someone who would help them to increase the speed of their car without changing the whole mechanical structure.

I soon realized that one website was not enough to handle my business that was rapidly increasing.  I decided to create website with the help of the same website maker.  This time I took my time, used multi colored background, many logos and live pictures of my workshop to give extra information about my business.

My business was doing very well and had reached a stage where it can run on its own, I decided to use my expertise to create website with the help of website maker to help my friends as well.  I found intense pleasure in helping my friends to create website with the help of BlueVoda website maker to create awareness of their business on the internet.  I think that it is necessary to advertise businesses on the internet to achieve maximum success.  I decided to start a side business and take orders to create website for the prospective clients with the help of the website maker.

I have proved that if one believes in a dream and work hard nothing is beyond reach.  I have not only worked hard to work towards my goal, but also learned to seek help from experts. When I was faced with the daunting task I found a website maker who would help me to create website for my dream, I set with new vigor to find help.  The moral of my story is never to give up hope if your dream is important for you.

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