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Do you aspire to create website designs of great impact? And do you despair about your lack of skills and insights when it comes to create website designs? Here’s what I found out. With free to use website maker tools like BlueVoda there is now nothing to keep you from unleashing your creative ideas in the form of a great web design.

There was a time when people had to pay huge sums to web developers who competently used sophisticated software like Dreamweaver, Illustrator and others to create website designs of professional caliber. Web site creation was not a job to be tackled by a layman. However, with game changers like BlueVoda website maker now anyone can create website pages within 30 minutes and that without having any prior experience to create website pages.

BlueVoda website maker is a good solution for startup companies and people with financial challenges and anyone who cannot afford the vast sums charged by professional web developers. The simple and easy to understand website maker is a dominant presence in today’s website maker and design community. As a result oriented website maker,
BlueVoda has certainly established its mark if the hundreds of reviews on the internet is anything to judge by. Speaking from personal experience BlueVoda has helped me immensely in expanding the web presence of my woodworking company and taking it to a larger customer segment. While many professional website maker tools are available at quite ludicrous prices this simple and creative website maker is available for use by anyone for absolutely no charge.

The key benefit of BlueVoda is that you can create website designs with many pages as you need using visual, animated and video presentations in the absence of a code based environment. Any novice with basic computer knowledge can easily get the hang to create website pages when they use BlueVoda. This is also an ideal tool to test your talents if you are an aspiring web designer. The website maker tool is based on a ‘drag and drop’ functionality to make your creativity process smooth and fast. There is no HTML and coding knowledge required to place images, text, videos and other optional features. You can just create website designs from scratch extending your site from a fantastic homepage to a value filled easily navigable multi page site.

For a free website maker tool, BlueVoda has a commendable arsenal of features ranging from a vast number of pre-designed templates to create website designs of varying creativity to free logos, background images, headers and banners. The ‘One Click Publishing’ option is a sure winner adding further plus points to this website maker tool.

Once you create website designs you need to upload it to the web and have it live to derive any impact out of it. The only stipulation with BlueVoda is that in order to have your website live you need to host it through VodaHost, a partnering company of the website maker. If you consider the free offer by BlueVoda as just a front to attract more customers for the hosting service I urge you to shop around and get some quotations from other hosting services. The fee charged by VodaHost is nominal in comparison.

The website maker has an excellent support system. It is not easy to create website designs without coming across glitches at some point. Even with BlueVoda I had some difficulties to create website pages at the outset especially, when I was getting used to the interface. Any problems I had was easily solved through a comprehensive built in help system covered by video tutorials that comes with the software download link, an active and up-to-date community forum as well as technical support which is available round the clock.

In my view BlueVoda is a website maker that is more suited for those without advance skills and experience to create website designs. This is a good platform to put your creative skills to work and the website maker helps users to progress to new and more exciting levels gradually. It is easy to understand and proceed with web designing using BlueVoda as the GUI has a close similarity to Microsoft Word interface. I started to create website designs using only images and text. At present I have expanded my web presence to a greater level using advance techniques and features from BlueVoda including plug-ins, scripts and e-commerce options. Once you get going the sky is your limit to create website pages of awesome quality and impact.

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