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Creating a Website with a Very Easy Process

If you want to create website and are looking for an easy process, BlueVoda is the best option for you. I have personally used it and I find no other offline website maker as efficient as BlueVoda to create website. I found that it is quite a unique website maker. Unlike other website makers, it does not operate through the browser and so it was easy for me to continue my work even at the times when I was offline to create website. There were a lot of suggestions that came in rushing when I wanted to build a website for my store, but I chose BlueVoda to create website as I had seen one of my friends using it in the past. BlueVoda offers not only a simple method to create website but it is also a cost effective website maker. For me the cost efficiency and faster results was very important, and so BlueVoda proved to be the right choice.

As a website maker BlueVoda is very easy to use unlike other website makers. I find that with BlueVoda website maker, to create website and using it is a very easy process. I was able to upload the finished website within no time through a simplified FTP interface of this website maker. I was amazed to see the huge collection of hundreds of free logos, templates, and fonts that BlueVoda has to create website. I used that stuff to design my website from beginning to the end and now it looks like a professional. Later I found out that there were some things which were not right and I was able to edit it in quite simple way while I create website. I could edit the color, text size, templates, font styles and even the headings of the pages quite easily through the editing mechanism.

The signing up was quite simple. All I had to do was to provide my name and e-mail address and I was granted access to the platform without any delay. The basic advantage of simple access to File Transfer Protocol or FTP helps to upload the website within a very short time. In fact, I was able to create and publish my website within a very short time.

Coming to the features, BlueVoda website maker offers many helpful features which worked out very easy for me. Within BlueVoda editor there are a bunch of common embedded media types such as Flash, YouTube videos, QuickTime and Real Player as well. For e-commerce functions one does not need to go online for different ways, it can be done through a personalized toolbar where many other e-commerce options such as online payments, online shopping, donations, quick pay and such things can be done. I designed the website for my store using these tools and my website worked very smoothly.

Apart from these features there are also some other helpful things that BlueVoda website maker has. I was able to get a lot of information and guidance from the Tutorial Page which has been specially designed for those who are not experts but want to design and create website on their own. Another one is the VodaTalk Support Forum where questions can be posted and solutions of a particular problem can be read. Initially when I went through this process I was not able to get solution for the problem that I was facing, and so I applied for the support ticket. My problem was resolved almost immediately. There is no limit of create websites as BlueVoda offers unlimited website building facility. Additionally, BlueVoda website maker is spyware and adware free which was a good thing for my store.

BlueVoda offers a lot of easy and simple features to create website and above all it is a cost effective website maker. However, though it is a free website maker, to publish the website I had to open an account with the VodaHost which costs me around 8.00 dollars per month. I can afford it and I think everyone can, especially when the cost is judged against the service that it offers.

Overall, to me BlueVoda is one of the best offline platforms to create website. It offers a wide variety of tools and space for customizing the website. In fact, BlueVoda is the simplest way to create website better than most other website makers in the market. Offline editor is always a better option than online website maker as I was able to create website even at times when I was traveling. I have already recommended it to some of my friends who want to create website for their own purposes and so far I have received positive feedback about the website maker.

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