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I had just finished college and was looking for a job, like everyone else. I am a software professional by profession who knows some web and graphic design. Accordingly, I started looking for jobs in my profession, and found some ‘great’ opportunities. These opportunities looked great until I actually asked and learnt all there was to learn about them.

After looking at a few job opportunities, I came across a job that looked rather interesting to me. It was a job where I worked as an apprentice in a web designing firm wherein I could learn more about web designing, earn a salary and create website. So I decided that this was something great for a start as I was not that comfortable and effluent at designing websites.

Though I had opted to not sign a contract, and planned to work for the firm for only a year or so, I got bored of my 9-5 job within 4 months of joining it. I found that there was no challenge for me, and thus needed to get a more challenging job. After taking a look at the classifieds, I found that there was nothing that could actually meet my expectations.

As I am a person who is interested in running a business, and had an uncanny attachment to computers and its knowledge, I thought of incorporating the two and start an online business. Knowing the market and needs of people my age, I knew what things would most probably attract the college crowd of today. I thus thought of starting a business of selling electrical items and accessories, mobile accessories and all the other cool stuff college kids like.

I wanted to do this with a minimal investment, which is why an online business was the best option for me as I only had to create website, invest in the goods to sell, and not have to pay for any staff salaries, rent or electricity bills.

So to start an online business, I first had to obviously create website, which is not that easy. You need to either have some programming knowledge, or know how to use a website maker like BlueVoda.

As I did not know much about the latest in programming, I thought that using a website maker was a better proposition to create website. As I had heard my friends talking about how great a website maker BlueVoda is, I naturally had to make it my first option, and do not repent this decision at all.

Though I had some computer knowledge, I preferred using this website maker to create website as I could create website within minutes. The website maker is so easy to use, even a kid can easily create website using it.

All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements of a website to its respective positions to create website. There is a huge selection of templates for you to choose from and use when you create website.

In the rare case where you stumble upon some problems when you create website, the website maker has a great customer support system to help you out. Generally, the tutorials that come with the website maker are quite clear and helpful. So the chances of you having any doubts are rather low.

However if you do run into complications when you try to create website, you can not only approach the customer support system for help, but you can just post your queries on the website maker’s forum.

There is always some member or the other on the website maker’s forum who will be more than happy to help you out of any predicament you may face when you attempt to create website using the website maker.

So within no time at all, I started to create website for not only my friends and relatives, but also for unknown people. The benefit of this website maker is that there is no limit to the number of websites you create using it, or the number of pages there are in each website you create.

To top it all, this website maker is free! Yes, though you may find it difficult to gauge, this website maker is indeed freely available. The only obligation you have if you use this website maker to create website is that you have to use only their sister concern, VodaHost to host your website.

While some people consider this to be a hindrance to them, I consider it to be a blessing in disguise. This is because you need to concentrate only on how to create website while the website maker takes care of all your hosting needs!

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