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Running a business can be rather competitive today. I actually run a boutique and sell designer wear. My clientele is from all over the world, as my local clients generally introduce their overseas friends and family to me and visit my store to buy some of my designer wear collections. Over the course of time, I started receiving requests from some of these overseas clients for me to go online with my business. They suggested I create website, create a catalogue, and start selling my clothing to them through a website. Though I was a bit apprehensive with the idea of going online at first, with time I decided that it really should benefit my business. Handling the shipping of ordered items was not difficult for me as I had some contacts and people who could handle that part of my proposed international business. However the part where I needed help was designing a website for my business.

I don’t actually have any web designing knowledge as I never was interested in computers. I own a computer only to maintain my business accounts. So naturally the first thing I thought of doing was hiring a web developer to create website for me. This was not a bad idea as there are so many web developers to choose from however I found their rates to be rather high. To top it off, the web developer I decided to try out was not actually friendly and helpful with me. He was not ready to listen to my suggestions, and wanted to create website according to his convenience and specifications. I was wondering if it was possible for me to do a crash course or something to create website, or if there were any tools like a website maker I could use to create website. This was when I found out about this great website maker, BlueVoda. Like I said, this is a great website maker as anyone without even a bit of programming language can use. All you have to do is download the software of the website maker, follow the instructions and you can create website within a few minutes time.

It was so easy using this website maker to create website. All I had to do was use the website maker to drag and drop the different elements of the website to create website displaying my designer wear to my international clientele. Of course, I did come across some problems while learning to create website with the tool. However I did not have any problems solving these issues as all I had to do was email my queries I had regarding the website maker to the customer support team, and there was always someone there who would respond to my queries and help me create website. What I liked about using this website maker to create website instead of hiring a web developer for the job was that I could create website to my specifications. I did not have to listen to any web developer’s ideas and follow them as I was at a liberty of designing a website the way I wanted. In addition to this, BlueVoda is a free website maker, which is definitely cheaper and better than paying exorbitant rates to web developers to create website. I do have to mention, that though BlueVoda is a free website maker, you do have to use and pay for their sister web hosting company VodaHost. Though some people consider this to be a hitch associated with the website maker, I considered it to be a blessing in disguise as I didn’t have to go looking for a hosting company to host my website once I had created it. BlueVoda had a hosting company ready to host my website once I completed it.

Needless to say, not only did I end up designing a website for my business with time, as I learned how to create website within a few minutes using the website maker BlueVoda, I started creating websites for others to earn spare money during my free time. As there is no limit to the number of websites that are created using this website maker, I really consider BlueVoda to be a great website maker that anyone and everyone should use to create website. I benefited two-fold because of my BlueVoda website maker; it not only helped build my website to help make my business go international it also helped create an additional income source for me!

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