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I am a guitarist by profession and make money not only by giving concerts and live performances but also through guitar lessons. Most of my students are local who live in my vicinity. So I end up giving them personal guitar lessons.

However as there are some students from other states who asked me to start giving online guitar lessons, I thought that it was time to create website so that I could create an online presence to give online lessons.

The first thing that came to my mind was to hire a professional web designer to create website for me. I however found it difficult choosing between the many web designers on the internet. Moreover, I found their rates rather expensive, and one of the web designers I tried out just did not seem to understand or implement my ideas to create website for guitar lessons.

I just did not know what to do as I desperately needed to create website, but could not find the right person to do it for me. This was when my friend suggested I look online for a website maker to use to create website.

So I started my search for website makers by typing the keyword ‘best website maker for a novice to create website’. To my amazement, I found quite a few website makers to choose from.

As I do not know any programming language, I was looking for a website maker that I could easily use to create website. This was when I came across the great website maker, BlueVoda. I found this website maker to be really easy to use as I was familiar with all its tools with Word and other publishing programs.

Being a novice at programming, I found its tutorials really short and quick and easy to understand. All I took was a few minutes to understand the concept of creating a website using the website maker even though I had no prior knowledge of html or web architecture.

I liked the concept BlueVoda followed to create website. All I had to do was drag and drop the various elements of a website to create website with pages as per my liking and preferences. Just by following the instructions on the website maker’s simple video tutorials, I managed to create website that all my existing and potential customers raved about.

Of course, I did come across a few problems while creating a website. I did not have to fret on such occasions as I just had to visit the forum to get my answers to my doubts and queries right away.

The website maker automatically generates background html which is a benefit as I know it takes months to learn html or Dreamweaver to create website. Within a few days’ time, I knew that the secret to successfully creating a website was my imagination and design skills.

An additional reason for me to use BlueVoda to create website for my online guitar lessons is that the software is available for free. The only thing you have to pay for is the hosting costs of your website, which is handled by BlueVoda sister concern, VodaHost.

The web hosting fee is rather small, and really worth it as I did not have to go looking for the right web hosting company to hire to host my website. All I did was create website as per my guitar lesson specifications and requirements, and once I was happy with the results, I just turned to VodaHost for help with my hosting needs.

I have to say that BlueVoda is a great website maker for anyone to use to create website. Not only does it help at easily creating a website, it also updates your website for free. I can make changes to the website as required without having to wait for a web designer to do it for me.

So in a nutshell, I can say that BlueVoda is the best and right website maker to use to create website. Through my website, I managed to improve my online visibility for online guitar lessons, and in the process, have found quite a few students to teach guitar to.

So if you too are looking for the right website maker to build a website for your online or offline business, I suggest using the great BlueVoda. This is a website maker that web designers definitely have to reckon with as the website maker helps anyone build a website from scratch, without the need of any programming knowledge.

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